Rooting Out Racism

By Jenny Dendinger

With a heavy heart, I spoke to our children about the evils of racism during our bedtime prayers. This wasn’t the first time we’d discussed the topic, but their innocent faces always look the same – shocked and confused.

While I mournfully described the last moments of George Floyd’s life, their eyes widened and became glossy with tears. It wasn’t easy to explain something so evil, but I prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide my words.

After painfully stealing another piece of my children’s innocence, God placed on my heart all of the mothers that must steal away that same innocence only to replace it with the fear and knowledge that these stories might become theirs someday.

Lord, have mercy.

The air in my lungs completely disappeared as I watched George Floyd cry out, “I can’t breathe!” and I’m still trying to catch my breath.  As difficult as it was to tell his story, I will not stop until this ignorance and hate are completely replaced with the knowledge that every person has worth.

One of the most difficult responsibilities of motherhood is teaching about the sin that surrounds us in this world. I desperately want to protect them from these evils, but I also know that keeping sin a secret will protect them about as much as covering their eyes while teaching them how to drive.

Sometimes, the only way to learn right from wrong is to speak both the right and the wrong into the room.

Our skin doesn’t have to match for you to be treated as our brother or sister in Christ. To truly love the way God intended, we cannot allow room for hatred, pride or prejudice. Not only must we commit to rooting out these evils in our own hearts, but we must also speak out against them so others will do the same. My voice often feels small against this giant of injustice, but I cannot allow my smallness to become an excuse to turn away. These difficult conversations are crucial to the fight. We cannot continue choosing our own comfort over our brother’s ability to breathe.

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