From Routine to Ritual: Making More of My Time with God

By Charlotte Phillips

My prayer life, as with most other aspects of my life, ebbs and flows. There are times that prayer comes easily. I can sit, take a few deep breaths and immediately go to what my friend Becky refers to our “inner chapel” to spend one-on-one time with God. In these moments, my prayer feels deep and it naturally flows. I truly feel God’s presence. Read More

Unfinished Business

By Charla Spalluto Misse

I believe that being a member of a Christian family means happily serving each other whenever possible.  As a parent and spouse, like me, you probably find that you are often called into “spontaneous service.”  That means frequent interruptions.  Read More

The Gift of Siblings: Perfectly Planned

By Ana Borden

I have been extraordinarily blessed having three sisters. We know each other better than anyone else thanks to childhood adventures, inside jokes and seeing each other through all different seasons, challenges and experiences. We are there for each other’s birthdays, special events and in our children’s lives, even if it might be via technology because of distance or the pandemic. Read More

Creative ways to pray with little ones

By Kristen Bourgeois

I feel far from God when I don’t pray.  I love a good devotional book, my journal and an hour in the adoration chapel.  But being a stay at home momma with two littles, my prayer time has had to adjust, especially during this pandemic. Read More

“Beauty from Murky Waters”

By Mary Bruno

It only took one dose of not-so-tasty medicine for our 4-year-old daughter to cringe and run away screaming at the site of the next 29 doses. Thank God for chocolate syrup! But that antibiotic finally started to heal her from an aggressive sickness. Read More


By Stacy LaMorte

Storytelling is one of the oldest pastimes and ways to teach.  Jesus himself understood the importance of parables to get his lessons across in a way that listeners would be able to relate, remember and retell his word.

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A Different Perspective

By Jenny Dendinger

I was lost in lesson planning when my son approached me in tears. I automatically scanned his little body for signs of injury, but all I could find was a defeated look on his face. He crumbled into my arms and sobbed, “Mom, I wasted my money on this game! All of the instructions are in a different language!”

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Good fruit

By Greg Zambrano

Last Sunday, we went to Mass. The Gospel reading was Matthew 13:1-23, “The parable of the sower”

In this parable, Jesus speaks about how we are all different, like the types of soils ready or not to receive nutrients which are the words of God. What ultimately gives us the strength to grow strong and produce good fruit?

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Spirituality in the Time of Corona

By Casey Sprehe

On March 13, 2020, John Bel Edwards’ press conference changed life in an instant. My overly (probably imprudently so) spring schedule was wiped out within the week. The day to day immediately looked different due to COVID-19.

I do not remember all my emotions at that time, but one emotion I do remember is relief.  I felt like God reached down into my life and silenced the noise and busyness to focus on him. Read More

I only kneel for the Lord

By Kim Roberts

What a tumultuous world we are living in – the coronavirus, social distancing, riots, tropical storms, so many things weighing on us and our children. It is hard for an adult to work through the tensions, much less trying to keep their children informed and calm.

We have always tried to have open conversations with our children. We don’t always see eye to eye or agree, but we listen to one another. Read More

Golden Rule

By Kristy Solis

Summertime is here! Due to this pandemic period, my daughters are eager to return to school.  Keep in mind, they did not get a break from school. During this time, school was continued through online lessons.

I asked both of my daughters “What do you miss about school?” Read More