Fortitude in the Face of an Uncaring World

By Phillip Garside

The Church recently celebrated St. William of Rochester, who may be your best intercessor as a parent who feels underappreciated. William was a pious baker who gave every 10th loaf he baked to the poor and attended daily Mass.

One day on the way to Mass, he found an abandoned infant and took him in, naming him David. Years later, William took David on a pilgrimage and, from here, a thus far piously predictable hagiography (written life of the saints) takes a series of startling turns.  Read More

What Is Missing in My Life Right Now?

By Stacy LaMorte

We do all sorts of things in our lives to fill voids, which is only human. However, it is important for us and for us to teach our kids how to build awareness around what we are actually seeking when we do the things to fill the void.

Most times, what we are seeking is God. We want connection, hope, love, fulfillment, acceptance or even just rest, but we look for it in all the wrong places. Read More

Jesus is Our Still Point on the Swing of Life

By Charlotte Phillips

A few weeks ago, I went to City Park’s Carousel Gardens with my family and found myself on the swings with our 7-year-old. We both excitedly buckled ourselves into our swing – him in the swing in front of me. 

As we began to swing in circles, I couldn’t help but think, as I get older, these rides seem to spin faster and faster. Just as I was starting to get dizzy, my sweet boy yelled, “Mama look, I’m flying!!” as he extended his arms out like an airplane. Read More

Asking the Lord to ‘Do Something Big’

By Vivian Marino

The other day I was listening to a YouTube video with a comedian guest who had acquired much success within the past year. It had been a dream of hers to perform live, and she had finally accomplished that the Thursday before the Covid lockdown. 

Once that happened, she pivoted to taking online comedy writing classes and started performing short skits on Instagram. Success followed.  Read More


By Greg Zambrano

When it comes to buildings and structures, the cornerstone would be laid out first to orient the direction and shape the construction should take. Some cornerstones have the year of the construction or the geographical coordinates on them.  Read More

Growing More Into Mother and Wife

By Gina Sternfels

God has me learning through prayer! I am becoming more self-aware as I dig deeper into prayer.  It has been interesting to hear God’s voice or movement calling me to be better as a mother and wife.  God spoke to me in my most recent journal entry and left me with some questions!

I plan to take these into more prayer and develop new ideas, making it sound fun to me. Read More

What is motherhood?

By Christine Bordelon

Today being Mother’s Day has me thinking a lot about the sacrifices that women make when they become mothers.

I don’t think most of us considered what being a mom entails when we first got married. I know I didn’t. I am the oldest of five children, and I can tell you all I thought was that I wanted fewer children when I had a family. But, you know what? I am so glad my mom was blessed with all five of us. Read More

Life in Fast-Forward

By Jenny Dendinger

With tears in my eyes, I watched my son process into Mass. It was his first time serving and, with his older brother by his side, I prayed he wouldn’t be too nervous. 

When we joined the Traditional Latin Mass, we learned to genuflect and make the Sign of the Cross as the altar boys pass in front of us with the crucifix. It touched my heart to see my son holding the cross as we knelt to honor Jesus.  Read More

  April Showers Bring May Flowers, Celebrating the Queen of Heaven

By Ana Borden

My favorite grammar school tradition was participating in our school’s May crowning, celebrating the most important woman of our faith. I remember vividly colorful and fragrant bouquets held by little hands and the excitement of waiting to hear the approval from our pastor to process towards the altar and surround the beautiful Virgin Mary statue with our freshly cut flowers from our gardens and stores.  Read More

#6 – A Lesson in “Deus Providebit”

By Sarah McDonald

Each day, I end my morning prayers asking for the intercession of Our Lady of Prompt Succor and saying, “Deus Providebit,” which translated into English is “God will provide.” It is a prayerful habit I have kept since my days at Archbishop Chapelle High School in Metairie. 

I have blogged about “Deus Providebit” before here on NOLACatholic Parenting, and the beautiful Kitty Cleveland even sang her song of the same title at my husband and I’s wedding umpteen years ago. Read More