Sharing married life with the one she loves

By Charlotte Phillips

Today, my husband and I celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since we’ve said our “I dos” on that unseasonably cool (who are we kidding, less hot!) August night. But, most of the time, it’s hard to imagine life before we were together. Read More


By Stacy LaMorte

Have you ever attended a Catholic Mass in another language?  If not, I highly recommend it!  My family and I did yesterday – on accident.

Our daughter wanted to say goodbye to a priest who was the pastor at her school, as he had been transferred.  We had the option to say goodbye to him after the 9 or the 11 a.m. Mass, and 9 a.m. fit into our day a little better. Read More

Living My Vocation of Marriage Better

By Gina Sternfels


God has me present in my vocation as a mother and a wife. To do my best for my family, I must be sure I care for myself and my relationship with my husband. For us, that is time together to focus on our relationship with God, our father.   


I signed us up for a weekend away almost a year ahead, praying we would be able to attend. At the time, we did not have weekend care for our son with autism, but we took that leap of faith. Read More


By Ana Borden

Baseball. It’s quite possibly my favorite summer pastime, especially when our oldest son finds so much joy playing the game.


Last year, when I caught him smiling to himself and asked him why, his response was, “Baseball, Mommy, baseball.”  Read More

Summer Trip

By Greg Zambrano

This year, for several months, I have thought of driving to as many National Parks as possible in the summer while my kids are out of school.

The way I see it is that, at this point in their lives, their faith and relationship with God is developing, and I want them to see the world. Read More

Hearing and Listening to Children

By Phillip Garside

My oldest daughter came to me when she was in the first grade and boldly stated, “I want to marry Clara.”

It is hard to listen to children. We often hear what we want to hear. In this case, I could easily hear an invitation to explain complex facets of the culture wars. But to listen to children is to unpack what they intend beyond what they say.

Read More

Giving is worth as much as receiving

By Gavin Lewis

My family probably enjoys summers just a little bit more than most families.

My wife and I work with schools, so we get somewhat of a break, and, of course, the children are out of school and are always ecstatic about sleeping a little longer and staying up a little later during the week. Read More

What Happens When Baseball Season Ends?

By Sarah McDonald

Since April, my large family has been engulfed in playground baseball and softball seasons. Combine that six-days-a-week (yes, six) schedule with a travel ball team schedule and weeklong tournaments out of state, and baseball was a pretty all-encompassing fixture in my house. Read More

Hail Mary Hugs

By Jenny Dendinger

We are a house full of huggers. As soon as I come out of my bedroom in the morning, I’m greeted with good morning hugs from each of my kids. Before leaving the house to go anywhere, everyone gets a hug goodbye. Those are the two guaranteed hugs we give out on the daily. We also do lots of random hugging as needed.

A few months ago, I began forming a new habit. Whenever I give my husband or one of my kids a hug, I silently pray a Hail Mary. Read More

God is present through it all

By Kristy Solis

There has been so much chaos and change in the world.  My daughters have voiced their concerns, with all the happenings in the world surrounding them.  Children are feeling vulnerable.

As parents, we care about the effects on them and especially on their well-being. The only reassurance is that God is present through it all; the good and the not so good. Read More