Mary, our Mother, here for us

By Gina Sternfels

In the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus shares, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27.


When the apostles asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor,” he shares the story of the Good Samaritan. We learn we are all neighbors, and we get the opportunity to show love and mercy to our neighbors every day.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a time to understand others by getting informed or getting involved by simply checking on someone you know who deals with depression, anxiety or maybe you are the one who needs something or someone to be there for you. Read More

Kissing the Cross

By Ana Borden

I learned making the sign of the cross from my parents. My father and his family, in particular, grew up making the sign of the cross by creating a cross with their thumb and index, perpendicular to one another, followed by kissing the cross, the tip of their thumb. The later sign is a quite common extension of signing in most of Latin America.

It was not until I was questioned at school in second grade by classmates about the extra gesture our family made that prompted me to ask my own father why our family did so and to understand its significance. Read More

Parenting reveals a lot

By Kristen Bourgeois

There is a lot to learn while parenting and not just about how to parent children.  A lot of self-discovery happens while parenting and that self-discovery can lead to healing, if we let it.

I recently discovered I have a woundedness about being heard.  I was able to make that connection when certain requests of my 5-year-old – like the failure to close dresser drawers or closet doors – were not met after repeated requests. Read More

Families, Pharisees, and Tax Collectors

By Phillip Garside

All parents should support one another. Sometimes, we are tempted to say with the Pharisee, “O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity … or even like this tax collector.”

This can be the case when we see people whose parenting style or priorities within the family are different than our own. But these variances may not be incompatible with good parenting. Read More

Learning the hard way

By Kristy Solis

Sometimes to get where we are meant to be, we need to go the hard way, we need to be overwhelmed, we need to do it alone or we need to walk a different path than we planned. Ultimately, God will bring us where we are meant to be.

This is a valuable lesson to teach our children – sometimes they will have to learn life lessons the hard way. Life is not always easy, which is expected. In life, weakness is an absolute. However, weakness is an absolute what to do when they feel weak or helpless. This is one of the upmost important life lessons. Read More

Conceived by the Holy Spirit

By Greg Zambrano

Praying the Angelus, the church remembers Our Blessed Virgin Mary Mother, in a special way, in the month of May. My kids brought flowers to school to honor Mary during the school Mass. It is great seeing many kids remembering the mother of Jesus. 

The first two lines of the Angelus say, “The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary; And she conceived of the Holy Spirit.” Read More

Lord, I am Not Worthy

By Jenny Dendinger

As I kneel in the pew waiting for my turn, my heart pounds in my chest. Soon, I will receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

I stand, and with each step, I become more and more aware of how unworthy I am of such a gift. Yet, he still calls to me.

Silently, I pray.

Domine, non sum dignus ut intres sub tectum meum:
sed tantum dic verbo et sanabitur anima mea.  

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof:
but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed.
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A Parent’s Gift: Freedom of Vocation

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

“I think I want to be an astronaut when I grow up,” my 6-year-old daughter once told me.

She’s at that age where her imagination is soaring with ideas of what kind of job she may like to have as an adult. I love to hear her thoughts, which change every day. But when she told me she wanted to be an astronaut, I really took a moment to pause and consider what that would be like. For her, thrilling. To me, scary.

I imagined my daughter in the extremes of space, completely reliant on computers to keep her safe and well. It certainly wouldn’t be comfortable to me. I would be tempted to worry for her a lot. There’s even a little temptation to discourage her. Read More

Inspired by Mary: Surrendering My Will

By Sarah Mcdonald

As we begin the month of May, attention in the secular world turns towards mothers in anticipation of Mother’s Day. In the Catholic Church we, of course, turn our attention to our Blessed Mother, Mary. As the Mother of God and our mother, it is truly fitting that the church dedicates this month to honor her.

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Called To Be An Apostle

By Kim Roberts

Each year, our parish observes Holy Thursday by washing the feet of 12 parishioners to symbolize Christ washing the feet of his 12 apostles – our first bishops and priests. The parishioners are chosen from the young adults that are about to be confirmed and their parents, ministry leaders, volunteers, etc.

This year, my youngest daughter, who is being confirmed, was blessed to be asked to be one of the 12 disciples along with her father. I was so excited that they were invited to participate. Read More

Love Yourself

By Ty Salvant

One of our commandments, often referred to as the “greatest commandment,” is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. While it is the ultimate act of Christian discipleship, one that we aspire to, there may be one flaw in our efforts.

How well do you love yourself? How do you love yourself?

When we love someone, we make sure his or her needs are met. How well do we ensure our needs are met? As moms, we know our children need sleep, nutrition, physical activity, engagement and spiritual development. Read More