Placed In Path For Each Other

By Gina Sternfels

We often hear that God places people in our paths. I have had experiences where I come to see this is true. I believe it’s God in divine action for us.

I have been the recipient of that gift on many occasions, often after Mass. I have been approached by individuals who thank my family for being there. Read More

Actions Speak Louder than Words

By Ana Borden

Every Sunday, we attend Mass as a family. My husband leads us into a pew and steps to the side as we each enter. As we leave the pew to receive Holy Communion as a family, once again he steps to the side and allows each of us to go before him. It is instinctual, natural and a pure moment where he communicates to us, by actions, his respect and love for us, putting us before himself. Read More

Another Disney review

By Kristen Bourgeois


The new Disney movie “Encanto” was just released, and everyone is talking about it.  The music is great, and there are a lot of great takeaways from the movie. If you have seen the movie, then please continue reading this blog. But for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, heads up, there are spoilers ahead. Read More

We are all born with the same goal

By Greg Zambrano

We are all born with the same goal – to be with our creator in heaven.

In forming our soul or gaining spiritual maturity, prayer is very important. In a relationship with Christ, he thinks of us all the time, always by our side waiting for us to speak to him. Read More

You don’t need to be “Supermom” to be a super mom

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

This Christmas break, my entire family got sick. I think all families can understand how trying the situation can be.

In my family, I tend to be hardest hit by illnesses. I was laid up in bed, and I felt useless. Thankfully, my husband was available to help with our kids, which was invaluable to me. Read More

New Year Hope

By Kristy Solis

The new year has begun! What do you look forward to in a new year? What does your family look forward to in a new year?

My children said “peace” and “turtles.” My youngest daughter is obsessed with turtles. Yet, turtles have been known to symbolize peace. Sounds good to me. May the new year bring a new hope of peace. Read More

It Is Me Who Makes My Motherhood

By Mary Bruno

As I passed through those first several years of infertility, glimpses of pregnancies and conversations about motherhood grew increasingly painful. As a 20-something year old, you tend to be surrounded by people growing their families and obsessing over the details. I was obsessing over surgeries, blood draws, ibuprofen and wondering about God’s will. Read More

Take little steps to achieve 2022 goals

By Gavin Lewis

Each year, many of us set a goal or resolution to start the new year. We might want to spend more time with family, lose weight, read more, go to the gym, work out daily, get closer to God, etc. These are all goals we vow to keep, but we find ourselves slowly moving away from them as weeks pass and the year progresses.

Then, midway through the year, we look back and wonder why we could not stay committed to the goals that we set and had every intention of achieving. Read More

Marriage During the Pandemic

By Kim Roberts

Pope Francis released a letter during the Christmas season for married couples around the world.

He wrote about his desire for families to feel his “affection and closeness at this special time,” which has been plagued with a pandemic and rolling lockdowns. He said that the situation that individuals, families and married couples find themselves in currently warrants an approach of humility, affection and openness. Read More

Welcome 2022

By Ty Salvant

A new calendar year often feels like a reset, a chance for growth physically, spiritually, mentally, educationally or emotionally. This is the time of year where resolutions, goals, plans, intentions are set for the year. Read More

The Light of the World

By Charla Misse

When you enter a church, do you check whether the sanctuary lamp is lit?  Do you know what this is and what it signifies?

I have found that quite a few children as well as adults are unaware of this holy and awe-inspiring symbol. As with many traditions, over time, it can be easy to overlook or forget their significance. Read More