Pray the Rosary

By Kim Roberts

As October and the month of the rosary draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the goals I set for this month and did not achieve.

As the month approached, I told myself I would pray the rosary every day without fail. I planned to deeply meditate on the mysteries and pray from the mind, body and soul. Well, all of those lofty goals did not come to fruition as life got in the way. I know, that is not an excuse, but it is the truth. Read More

Are We Ascending?

By Greg Zambrano


There are so many amazing stories of the Bible that really inspire, while at same time instruct and catechize you. One bible passage that I really enjoy is Genesis 28:10-17 – Jacob’s dream of the stairway to heaven. It is a short story in the bible that kids could really enjoy. 

Read More

Got Milkweed?

By Charla Misse

When I see a butterfly, I am reminded of the miraculous transformations allowed by our supremely powerful and omniscient God in the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. I think of all the opportunities we have for change in our lives and the great mercy that our Lord extends to us. Read More

When You Have Nothing to Write About

By Sarah McDonald

I am going to be really honest here. Sometimes, there is nothing to write about. Sometimes life is hard, really hard – exhausting. Sometimes family life, work life and even faith life are all overwhelming, and it’s hard to find words. 

Sometimes, in the midst of your mind being so full you don’t think you can take one more thing, you can’t process enough to write a sentence on the paper. Read More

Having the faith of a child!

By Gavin C. Lewis

When my family and I evacuated for Hurricane Ida, I really had no expectations on when we would return. I made the same mistake I did during my Hurricane Katrina evacuation – I only packed three outfits, two pair of shoes, forgot a few items and shrugged it off like we would be back in a day or two. The kids however, were packed as if they were going on vacation with sunscreen, swimsuits, toys, sunglasses, dolls, blankets, snacks, etc. Read More

Words can soothe or harm

By Michelle Macicek

There have been a couple of situations recently that I have either been involved in or heard about that have reminded me of the power of our words. The words we speak can be a tool with great power to share the truth that God has given to us in sacred Scripture, but our words can also be a tool to hurt, tear down or go against what our father has asked of us. Read More

Grateful for the Best Church Ever

By Gina Sternfels

Mass had just ended, and my son, Ivan, exclaimed, “This was the best church ever!”

It is a true treasure for my son to have the ability to share that thought with me at the most perfect timing. I love when I hear my son say unique phases that he puts together and not question his intent. I totally agreed with him. Read More

God’s Unconditional Love

By Charlotte Phillips

The other day after dropping my daughter off at ballet, my middle son and I made a quick trip to Target. As we were pulling into the parking garage, I noticed an elderly couple going to their car. The wife sat in her wheelchair as her husband lovingly pushed her chair. The husband smiled joyfully as he slowly pushed her closer and closer to their car. Read More

Standing on My Head

By Jenny Dendinger

Every day before her afternoon nap, my daughter gleefully grabs her favorite book for me to read. It’s the cutest little story of a goose that is feeling sad and wanting a hug. He tries to tell his friends what he needs, but instead of listening, they keep guessing how they can cheer him up.

Does he want to play tag? Splash in puddles? Stand on his head?

After a little while, he starts to raise his voice to tell them what he really needs. This finally gets their attention. Looking at him confused, they ask, “What, Goose?” Read More

Tradition Accentuates Christ While Tying the Knot

By Megan Lacourrege

This September, I had the joy of standing in my cousin’s wedding. The whole evening was beautiful. I was most intrigued that, during the ceremony, the couple chose to tie what’s called a “unity cord.”

The cord was made of three strands of rope each converging from a different direction, symbolizing the bride, the groom and God. Read More

Do Mommies Get Sick?

By Ana Borden

My oldest son recently had a revelation. As members of our immediate family got sick one after the other this past week, I took care of each them with very little rest while continuing with the usual busyness of child care, home making and working. It led him to ask me, “Do Mommies Get Sick?” Read More