Pray Both Sides

By Mary Bruno

One of the hardest things about being infertile is being surrounded by women who achieve pregnancy so easily. When my struggle was at its worst, I became very bitter and had to create some distance so that I could begin to heal and learn to love myself just as I am.

Time was healing. Read More

Keeping the Faith

By Kim Roberts

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I have three children – two out of college and one in high school. All three have been, and are currently, active in our parish CYO.

Since this is my second go-round through CYO with my youngest child, I’ve noticed some changes in the makeup of the group. First and most noticeable, there are fewer young people involved in CYO now than in years past. Read More

God responds to us with gentleness

By Michelle Macicek

It was a usual Sunday morning where we were hustling to get the kids ready for Mass, and I was so incredibly thankful to be back “home” after Ida and very much looking forward to the normalcy of being at Mass in our parish.

As we sat down in our pew and tried to get everyone settled, I found myself feeling a little frustrated that our 2- and 3-year-old were being a little needy (Ha! Funny I know!), and I was not able to take a little quiet time before Mass started. Read More

Secrets of the Adoration Chapel

By Charla Misse

I was exceedingly blessed to have been able to serve as a Faith Lessons teacher at my son’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) this summer.

We invited each group of children (grouped by grade from PK3 to 5) to meet in the grassy area just outside the adoration chapel for their faith lesson on the second day of VBS. Read More

I Threw Away the Diaper Pail

By Sarah McDonald

For over 10 years it has been a fixture in the house – the diaper pail. The often dreaded but much appreciated vessel had been in use for a decade. This week, it rode off into the sunset (almost quite literally) on the back of a garbage truck.

In the most recent deep clean of my daughters’ room, the diaper pail got thrown away. I did it, I grabbed it out of the room and brought it straight to the curb. Read More

Who is my faithful servant?

By Gina Sternfels

I am blessed to have “Jesus Girls & Coffee” in the morning, and we get to learn together how to be his faithful servants. They are other Catholic mom friends that help me prepare my mind and heart for the day.  In the past, we have done daily devotions and bible studies. Recently, the Holy Spirit has led us to do the Lectio Divina together.

Honestly, I had not fully understood what a Lectio Divina was until we dug in deep to learn together. Read More

The Triple Colloquy

By Charlotte Phillips

On July 31, we celebrated the feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola. One of my favorite prayer tools from St. Ignatius is the Triple Colloquy. St. Ignatius introduces this prayer during the Spiritual Exercises. So, what is the Triple Colloquy?

The word colloquy simply means conversation. During this prayer experience, you have three (triple) conversations. First with Mary, then with Jesus and finally with God. Read More

Beginning Again

By Jenny Dendinger

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is having the ability to decide when we will start back to school. While many kids have been back since early August, my family has been soaking up a few extra weeks of summer with bike rides and board games.

The downside to being in control of when you begin is that it’s a double-edged sword – you also have to make yourself start. Read More

Walking Pieta

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

In the past, I had struggled with feeling close to Mother Mary. My miscarriage changed that.

Nothing quite prepared me for being told at my 12-week prenatal appointment that my baby had died. My doctor said I could wait to miscarry naturally or have surgery. My doctor also informed me he’d be out of town the following week. I would have to live with my baby’s body still inside of my own until at least then.

It ended up being two weeks before I got that surgery. It was by God’s grace that I got through that time. I managed to care for my toddler daughter, run errands and go to church. I even went to a party. Read More

Play Ball

By Ana Borden

For the past 2½ months, it seems as if there has been nothing but baseball, baseball and more baseball in our household – from on the field to watching every kid-appropriate baseball movie.

We learned, via watching “The Rookie,” that St. Rita was the unofficial baseball patron saint. We became true followers of her story. I pinned her medal inside my son’s baseball bag, and he became dedicated praying her prayer card every evening. He told me, as he waited to bat, that he found himself praying to her for guidance. He and his team won the series for his age group in our parish, so one may say his prayers were answered! Read More

Learning to Listen to God

By Kristy Solis

One day, I asked her “Do you ever listen to God?” She had a perplexed look on her face and said, “God is quiet.”

Then, I asked her “If you do not listen, how do you know when God has answered your prayers?” My daughter said in a matter-of-fact way, “I believe, and he shows me.” Read More