The Grace to Change

By Stacy LaMorte

Summer can be such a wonderful time for a family to recharge and refresh. It is also a time of preparation for all kinds of change.

Some of us have children going off to school for the first time. Some of us have our youngest child going off to school, leaving us with hours of the day with no children at home for the first time. Some of us have our first or last child going off to college to college, creating the proverbial “empty nest”. Read More

Icons are ‘Windows into Heaven’

By Gina Sternfels

Being a mom with three boys at home, I missed my creative time and space. I love to paint, but my duties were away from the brushes.

However, it has been on my bucket list for years to take an Icon painting class, and finally, I was able to do an online course my husband gave to me. Read More

Saying Grace

By Ana Borden

Recently, we vacationed with extended family and ate dinner a few times all together.

As I placed our children’s plate in front of them that first night, I reminded them to say grace. Our oldest whispered in my ear, “I’m nervous praying. No one else is.” I whispered back, “We have so much to be thankful for; give thanks in your own volume. Maybe, you help someone remember to give his or thanks to God.” Read More

Beyond the Diagnosis

By Kristen Bourgeois

My oldest son didn’t have an easy start into this world. Infection and hypoglycemia at 5 days old.  Later in toddlerhood, a speech delay and PE tubes. Later, speech therapy and difficulties in pre-kindergarten leading to one diagnosis after another after another.  Read More

Good for the Body, Good for the Soul

By Phillip Garside

Children’s first relationship with food is pleasure and displeasure. Then they learn another distinction, “good for you” and “bad for you.”

Their curiosity leads them to the painful truth that pleasurable food is not always healthy. In fact, it is far more often unhealthy, and vice versa. Parents use this dietary lesson as a moral lesson, “sometimes doing the most pleasurable thing is not the most healthy thing.” Read More

True Perfection

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

If you were to think of the ideal or perfect person, what comes to mind? Is it someone who is tremendously beautiful or is really smart? Is it someone who has a magnetic personality who captivates a room with their charisma? Is it someone who has wealth and the things they desire?

For me, for the longest time, I thought that being a perfect person meant trying to meet the standards of other people so that they always thought good things of me. I wanted to be well-liked. But this can become problematic quickly. What if fulfilling another person’s standard means sinning? Read More

Now is the time to embrace God

By Gavin Lewis

As my wife and I prepare our kids for summer break, typically, we take time to discuss the success and difficulties of the school year that has ended.

We talk about the goals that we had set and met or did not meet and what helped us to achieve or what prevented us from achieving them. We talk about plans for the summer and the expectations for the next school year. Read More

Sisterly Love

By Kristy Solis


Our family was blessed with daughters – a set of sisters.  It is a joy to observe these sisters as they flourish in their sisterly bond. Their relationship, just like their faith, is one of love and devotion.

The sisters even sing a song which they adapted to their connection: “You can count on me like one, two, three, and I’ll be there; I can count on you like four, three, two, and you’ll be there because that’s what sisters are for. “ Read More

Good Ole Summertime

By Sarah McDonald

We’ve all just finished what felt like the 90 days of May, finding ourselves in what is supposed to be the lazy days of summer. But, are they really?

Between two-full time jobs, summer camps (soon to be in three different locations) and all the summer activities, I have found myself wondering if summer really is a break. My answer – one foot in front of the other – and, if I fall, I will pick myself up again (cue Princess Poppy from the movie “Trolls”). Read More