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Back to the Basics

By Jenny Dendinger P.E. – canceled. Trip to the lighthouse – canceled. First Friday picnic – canceled. Little Mermaid Ballet – canceled. Date night – canceled. I could go on, but I think you get my point. COVID-19 threw quite a monkey wrench into our plans, and, as a result, our family life became a […]

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Rooting Out Racism

By Jenny Dendinger With a heavy heart, I spoke to our children about the evils of racism during our bedtime prayers. This wasn’t the first time we’d discussed the topic, but their innocent faces always look the same – shocked and confused. While I mournfully described the last moments of George Floyd’s life, their eyes […]

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Sharing the Blessing

By Jenny Dendinger Most Holy Trinity Parish in Covington recently paired with CRC Global Solutions to distribute a truckload of food to the needy during this time of crisis. Since my sister-in-law knew we could use the help, she generously offered to go wait in line. When she pulled into my driveway, every spot in her […]

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