Happy Marriage = Happy Kids

By Stacy Lamorte Have you ever had one of those days when it seems that everything that can go wrong does go wrong? Doesn’t it seem like our families seem to get the brunt of the backlash? Things that wouldn’t normally annoy us tend to be glaring flaws.

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Mothers’ Morning of Reflection

By Katie Almon  “Blessed is she who assists at the bedside of the sick and the dying. Blessed is she who ignites the spark of knowledge in a young mind. Blessed is she who gives holy counsel to women in crisis pregnancies. Blessed is she who lovingly opens her home to welcome another’s child. Blessed […]

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Women In Witness

By Sarah McDonald A few months back, my NOLACatholic Parenting column in the Clarion Herald was about raising Catholic daughters in today’s #MeToo world. I lamented the seeming lack of examples of women in today’s world and made a bold call for women to embrace authentic feminism. Needless to say, there were strong reactions … […]

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