Gratitude for God

By Kristy Solis

Back to school and time for school pictures. My daughter came home from school with her school pictures, handed them to me and said, “I do not like my pictures.”

As her mother, I may be biased, nonetheless, the pictures are beautiful. My daughter could not even tell me why she did not like the pictures; she just thought they could be better.

I reminded her, God is the creator, including creating her uniquely in his image, so we must always show gratitude to God for all the gifts he has given us.

In Psalm 100, we are told to “enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.” Thereforewe must always show our gratitude to God even when life is not perfect or we just do not like the picture. God has given us the greatest gift of all: Jesus. This praise draws us closer to God.

After our chat, my daughter said, “The pictures are good, if God created them.”

Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that God is the creator of all so we must show gratitude to him for all of our gifts even the imperfect ones.

Lord, hear our prayers for our children who seek perfection. Guide our children to be grateful to you, Lord, for all of the gifts that you have bestowed in their life. If there is only one prayer, thank you is always enough. Lord, we are always grateful for the blessings you have provided to all of us.

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