Be Not Afraid

By Kim Roberts

My pastor’s homily last weekend spoke to me in a very personal and intense way. “Be not afraid” was the topic of his homily, and it really hit home that morning.

I am not a person who is generally afraid. I face challenges head on. I typically say what is on my mind, and I try new things. I travel, but I have to admit I do have fears as a parent. I fear for my children’s safety, health, well-being, who they associate with and what will happen with all of the crazy uncertainty in the world right now.

My youngest daughter, who is a senior in high school, wanted to fly to California to visit my oldest daughter. My husband and I could not take off of work over the summer to fly with her, so, I was nervous about her flying by herself. Not because she is not capable, but because of the “what ifs.”

I knew she needed this trip and time with her sister, so I prayed about it a lot. We agreed to the trip made the plans and, much to my dismay, found out there was not a direct flight. She would have to change planes by herself.

Instead of anxiety taking over, I heard in my head the simple verse “Be Not Afraid” and a calm came over me.

The day she flew out, I expected that I would be a nervous wreck but I was not. I had an inner peace as I read a verse that popped up on my computer at work, Lamentations 3:57, “You came near when I called on you; you said, do not fear!” Much to my surprise, I was actually calm for her flight to California and back.

I have been reminded over and over that I should not let fear into my life. I should trust in the Lord, he will provide.

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