Holy Guardian Angels: Helpers at Our Side

By Lisa Janusa

Is the Holy Guardian Angel prayer just for children? Definitely not! 

As Catholic children, we were taught this simple prayer: 

“Angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here. 

Ever this day, be at my side, 

to light and guard, to rule and guide.” 

This prayer is for all ages. As a mother and grandparent, I have seen and appreciate the gift of the Holy Guardian angels for myself, my children and my grandchildren. 

The Catholic Catechism #336 teaches us of the constant love and protection our guardian angels provide from conception until our final breath. God gives this incredible guardian with heavenly qualities to each human being. 

Guardian angels are part of the ninth choir of angels and are pure spirits not limited by space or time. They are constantly in prayer and adoration before the throne of God. Their vision far surpasses ours, and their movement is as fast as thought. Simultaneously, while in heaven, they remain constantly at our side on earth. They cannot read minds, but they can learn through observation how best to assist us. 

How do we communicate with the angels and they to us? Our guardian angel speaks to us through our conscience. Have you ever experienced a thought out of the blue to pray for a particular person or an impulse to do some charitable act? Did you ever get an ominous feeling that you needed to avoid going somewhere planned and learned later you avoided harm? I believe the Guardian Angels may have been at work. 

They can assist parents with their Holy Light to properly form their children’s conscience. Parents can invoke the Holy Guardian Angels of their children at the beginning of each day and can call on the angels to assist them as they lead and guide their children to God. Parents can also pray the prayer with their children to create awareness of this constant companion that God designed angel just for them and how this angel understands them best and is happy to help any time when request by prayer. 

Guardian angels can also help parents be more loving and patient with their children and give insight to what is really going on in their child’s troubled mind when they are struggling.   

I suggest sharing stories about how guardian angels have been involved in saints’ lives. For example, St. Padre Pio had a close relationship since childhood with his guardian angel. When he became a priest, angel helped him as translators when people worldwide went to him for confession. Many people became his spiritual children; he instructed them to send their guardian angel to him if they had any need. Many of these requests were answered in miraculous ways.  

Holy Guardian angels are ready, willing and eager to bless each of us and ultimately help us reach our heavenly eternal home. 

I pray that you won’t miss the opportunity to make these angelic intercessors your friends.

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