Phillip Garside

Phillip Garside has lived on the Gulf Coast his entire life. His spiritual formation took place at the hands of the Jesuits and the Carmelites. Both imprinted upon him their charism of contemplation in action. While Phillip enjoys his morning meditation on the hagiographies of each of the daily celebrated saints, the readings from the Liturgy of the Word and the Office of Readings when the sun comes up, he sees his task as maneuvering these meditations into a creatively sculpted lived experience among his family, his profession, his parish and in society as a whole. By profession Phillip has been a short order cook, an artist, an analytical scientist and an academic educator. He and his spouse Rebecca co-created and maintain three children in the hopes of one day jettisoning them into the world and infecting it with their Domestic Church’s uniquely bizarre brand of Catholicism.

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