Praying During a Pandemic

By Charlotte Phillips

It has been three months since our lives have been turned upside down as a result of COVID-19. Our older two kids have just finished the final 9 weeks of the school year around our kitchen table as my husband and I work, and our little two play and ask for snacks every five minutes.

While I am extremely grateful we both have the option to work from home, that our families are healthy and that we are getting some great quality family time, these last two months have required a complete shift in the way we do EVERYTHING, including my daily prayer time.

Before COVID-19, I was able to pray during lunch time during the week, and after the kids went to bed on the weekends. But between working, virtual instruction and keeping everyone happy, I am often too exhausted at night to give quality time to my prayer!

Over the last two months, I have tried several different times and places to make sure my prayer time is a priority each day. Some days I’ll walk over to St. Anthony of Padua to spend a few minutes alone with God in prayer, others I’ll spend a little extra time putting our 2-year-old down for his nap, and sometimes it is at night completely exhausted after the kids go to sleep.

Making time for prayer is just as important to me as making time for schoolwork, work, meals and recreation. It is a vital part to my day. And, while I hope my set prayer time will return in August when (fingers crossed) the kids go back school, right now I just make sure to include it every day.

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