By Kristen Bourgeois

It was two years ago, that God put homeschooling my children on my heart.  I started with researching the topic and God started putting people in my life who were homeschooling their children.

Growing up I had no idea that homeschooling was a thing.  The concept of homeschooling wasn’t bizarre to me but completely intrigued me.  And the families I had gotten to know who were homeschooling, had something alluring about them.

As I asked questions and observed how these families functioned, my interest grew.  I wanted to know their secret.  What makes these families so captivating?  Then it came to me in prayer.   These families are different because they have Jesus as the center of their lives and happen to homeschool.  These families were different because they were living different from the rest.  I think I was witnessing the grace from surrender to God’s will.  I know the peace, grace, and love I was witnessing wasn’t by the power of these parents but in the surrender to God’s will in homeschooling their children.

Then came the desolation. I struggled with self-doubt. I was a detective for fifteen years with no formal background or training with educating children.  At times, I could not believe God was asking me to homeschool.  I was busy telling God I wasn’t patient enough, not loving enough, and ultimately not virtuous enough to take on the education of my children that would be needed to do so. Until I felt like God answered me in prayer with a smile and a reply of “I know. That’s the point.”

Homeschooling was going to be hard in that I knew it was going to force me to grow in virtue and stretch my own limitedness.  But the good news was, Jesus would be with me.

I finally have taken the leap of faith in what God is calling me to do.  I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

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