Love those who love you and even those who don’t

By Gavin Lewis

When most people think about love, they think about the love they receive and not the love they give.

Acts 10:35 tells us that it is better to give than to receive. This does not just apply to monetary gifts but, more importantly, about you giving your time, love and God-given gifts to those who need them most.

What I struggle with as a parent is trying to get my children to understand that; yet being honest enough to tell them that I wasn’t of that mindset when I was their age.

They often ask, what to do if people mistreat them or just don’t appreciate the “love” they give? My answer is always, God tells us to love your enemies (Luke 6:35). It won’t always be easy, but how you love people comes in many different forms.

You can have the love God desired for you to have for someone, yet not give the gift of your time and energy. You can love and not give them material things. You can love someone even if they’ve hurt you. You can love from afar. You can love, but not allow yourself to be mistreated, misused or taken advantage of. You loving them does not mean you accept any wrong they have done to you. Your love for them is not about them, but more about you and what God has commanded us to do.

You must try to love and be compassionate just as God has love and compassion for all of us. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it. As long as you follow the word of by God, he will always make sure that you are covered.

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