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Getting organized for back to school

By Gavin Lewis As an educator and a father, I am always torn when summer break draws near.  On one hand, the need for my kids to get back to school and stop eating me out of house and home is at the forefront of my mind. On the other – knowing that I need […]

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Include God in your summer respite

By Gavin Lewis As an educator, the last day of school brought me joy for many reasons. But the most rewarding things about that day was that I could grab my phone and turn off all three or four of my daily alarms.  For a few weeks, I could rest past 5:30 a.m., and my schedule […]

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Kids need time for summer fun

By Gavin Lewis Prior to the summer of 2020, my family and I would pack up once the school year ended and head out for a much-needed vacation. The kids were always restless and ready for a fun time, and we needed a brain break from having to help with multiple projects, tests and assignments […]

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Doing Unto Others …

By Gavin Lewis True story: When I was younger, I was extremely selfish, mainly because I felt like God owed me for the many trials and tribulations that happened within my family. I was not a sharer nor someone who was willing to help others. I took, and rarely gave.

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Have We Done Enough to Prepare Our Kids?

By Gavin Lewis As the new school year begins, I am excited about the kids being out of the house, eating all of the food and keeping the electric bill high, but I am also nervous. That sense of nervousness can be attributed to a few things:

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Let Fathers Celebrate Father’s Day the Only Way We Know How

By Gavin C. Lewis Father’s Day holds so many different meanings for me, because I grew up without my father. What I realized growing up and watching other families celebrate, is that there is no standard way to celebrate Father’s Day, unlike  other holidays.

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Catholic Education

By Gavin Lewis I often have conversations with parents (Catholic and non-Catholic) surrounding why they choose to send or are considering sending their children to Catholic schools. We discuss the true meaning of Catholic education, what it looks like in action and if the Catholic portion in Catholic education is really that important.

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God Gives Us Everything We Need

By Gavin Lewis To 2019 and beyond!!! 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run then walk, and if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you must keep moving forward.“ 

During the holiday season, we all looked toward 2019 and how we would continue to […]

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