Time Marches On

By Kim Roberts

I was cleaning out our bedroom the other day and found an unlabeled CD in a plastic case. I could not for the life of me remember what the CD contained – music, pictures, old articles I’d written – who knew. So, I brought it with me the next time I got in the car driving to work in hopes it was music.

Much to my surprise, the sweetest little voice came over my speakers, and I was treated to a story. Then I remembered, this was my Mother’s Day gift 10 years ago from my youngest daughter, now a junior in high school.

Her first-grade teacher made a recording of her reading her favorite book. So, the trail of tears began and all I could picture was that cute little face smiling up at me. That round baby face has been replaced by a beautiful, mature young lady who’s planning college trips and taking the ACT.

The march to senior year is picking up pace and tempo. The memories will be plentiful over the next year, and I’m sure I will lose count over the number of times we say, “Where has the time gone?” But, in reality, isn’t this what we have been working toward and praying for since she was born?

All the scrimping and saving for a Catholic education, the sleepless nights worrying about grades and lunch group drama, and don’t get me started about the Covid chaos that we’ve endured. All along, I prayed that she not only gets a good education, but also grows in her faith outside of the home.

So, what would I say to that sweet little first grader that read the book on the CD for me about her upcoming senior year? God has a plan. Trust in him and in yourself and don’t rush to grow up. Also, be thankful for the wonderful teachers you’ve been blessed with along the way.

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