My Guardian Dear

By Charla Spalluto Misse

Since the feast of The Guardian Angels was Oct. 2, NOLA Catholic Parenting is reposting this January blog from Charla Misse and asking you to respond with your experiences and appreciation for your own guardian angel.

In my second year of college, I was fortunate enough to go on a ski trip to Vermont with friends. As I went to school “up north,” I discovered that all my new friends had been skiing since they were young. I, on the other hand, had only been skiing a handful of times.
What I lacked in experience, however, I made up with enthusiasm! I had never seen snow or mountains like this. I was swept away and so thankful for the opportunity. Naïve in my optimism, I didn’t think twice when my friends brought me to our first descent of the trip … which was rated one or more black diamonds (difficult).

The first section was very steep with lots of bumps. It was so challenging for me that I could barely breathe, but I made it. After that, I was relieved the next section was straight and smooth until my friends started hollering for me to make a sharp turn up ahead. I saw them one by one swerve out of sight. At this point, I did the only logical thing a “non-skier” would do: I sat down on my skis, kind of squatting into a ball … or a bullet.

Instead of turning, I launched off the mountain and went flying off course. There was so much snow whirling around me as I went speeding down, I didn’t see a thing but white.
When I finally stopped and the flurry of snow settled, I looked around at ALL the trees. I couldn’t see my friends and certainly couldn’t see any clear path to where I had stopped. I called out that I was okay and navigated my way back onto the course – without a scratch. I knew, by the grace of God and through the protection of my “Guardian Angel,” it was a miracle that I was unharmed.
The rangers took me down on a sled and showed me the appropriate course for my ability: no black diamonds involved.

I spent the remainder of the trip on my own – on MY side of the mountain. I was first on the slopes every morning and last off the slopes every night. I was alive!!
The Lord, in his limitless love, wisdom and compassion, has assigned a powerful guardian to each of us. While this episode of heavenly intervention was the most indisputable occurrence I can recall, I have continued to experience swift physical protection and inexplicable emotional comfort throughout my life.
We teach our children to pray to their guardian angels.
How many of us continue to call on them and recognize them into adulthood? Our God-given angels remain waiting and watching, no matter our age or experience.

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