Will You Forgive Me?

By StacyLaMorte

Our main job as parents is to help our children get into heaven, when it is their time.

I know it sounds a little morbid, but if we are all striving for heaven every day – and, that is our main goal for the day – we can pretty much guarantee we are going to make the right choices and keep the right priorities in order.

Kris and I learned this when we were in our Marriage Preparation course. In order to get married, you had to take this. We learned that a good marriage must consist of two good forgivers.

Mistakes, miscommunications and poor choices are going to happen in every marriage and with our children.

When these things do happen, it is helpful to remember to not only say, “I am sorry,” but to say, “Will you forgive me?”

When I hear my children say, “I’m SOR-RY!!!” to each other in a whiney way, I try to remind them to say it sincerely or not at all.  And when they have really hurt one another, I try to remind them that asking for forgiveness is a great way for each of them to feel better about the situation.

God forgives us again and again, but we have to ask him to by showing we are sincere.  As Catholic parents, let’s practice every day being good forgivers so that our children learn it from our example.

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