Finding God in Nature

By Gaby Smith

I love the city. I love the lighted buildings at night, the events, the restaurants, juice bars and coffee shops that are within walking distance. I love the closeness of the stores.

Every so often, I enjoy the quiet. One of my favorite places to visit these days is Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. My family has a beautiful cottage nestled in the woods close to the bay. It’s so quiet. When it rains, the drops hit the tin roof to bring you gently to sleep. I sigh and thank God for allowing me to witness this quiet place.

One of my favorite travel spots is Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church in Bay St. Louis, right on the bay. It’s breathtaking. It has the most amazing feel when you walk inside.

And, Father Mike is right there to make you feel welcome in the church. It’s one of my favorite places to be besides the water. Plus, the church is only 45 minutes away from the New Orleans area.

It’s a great place for the family to enjoy a quick getaway. It’s a beautiful place to find God in the soft waves of the bay to the singing birds in the trees.

Jesus, thank you!

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