Keeping up with our Faith . . . and with Household Chores

By Ana Borden

Accomplishing daily house chores and taking pride in the process is an ongoing lesson I like to pass on to our children. It often becomes hectic juggling during this season of life – putting meals on the table, helping with homework and activities while maintaining full-time work schedules.

However, keeping up with daily chores – while breaking down larger ones through the course of the week – helps our family stay on target with household responsibilities.

When it comes to deep cleaning our bathrooms, though, a miracle happens every time the bathroom cleaning supplies emerge on the weekends. Everyone finds what they need and, miraculously, I am engulfed in silence. Joking aside, I realize most people would happily pass along the chore of cleaning several bathrooms for six people, but I find joy in the task.

When it comes to cleaning bathrooms, instead of seeing it as undesirable chore, I remind myself that providing a comfortable and clean environment helps my loved ones decompress and cleanse after a long day. These high-maintenance spaces require more upkeep than other areas of a home.

Similar to praying, deep cleaning bathrooms is easier when I provide daily upkeep. By replacing towels, wiping down surfaces and keeping up with laundry nearly every day, my weekend load is easier to manage. When I get behind during the week, the upkeep is more intense and takes longer to complete.

Just like practicing our faith, keeping up with daily rituals such as praying keep us on track to our end goal – heaven.

Providing a clean environment and completing ongoing house chores is an example of how we show each other respect and love. Where else in your household routine do you witness the importance of keeping up with daily prayer?

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