Arrange time for fun during the school year

By Gavin Lewis

Summer is over, and so is the fun … or is it???

As summer comes to an end, we are pushing our kids to shift their mindset away from the playful days of the summer. We implore them to stop eating all the food from the refrigerator all day (maybe it’s just my kids, lol) and move towards being prepared to learn a world of new information.

We’re trying to shift them from all-nighters on video game or tablets to long nights of homework and studying – all in preparation to have a great school year.

For now, the days of week-long family vacations, surprise pop-up trips with friends and weekly sleepovers are gone. But, should they be?

Consider that our children work very hard every day at school to be the best version of themselves that they can be. It may not always yield the results we expect, but they are trying. They are learning how to manage varying factors in their lives, and, at some point during the school year, they might need a break.

That break can be a quick weekend road-trip to a family-favorite destination or even a new place that the family has never explored. It could be the family activity normally reserved for summertime or having a few friends over for a play date or sleepover.

While it is important to think about the educational well-being of our kids, it also is beneficial to consider their social emotional well-being. Breaking the monotony of the “during-the-school-year routine” could help ease some of the stress and pressure a child may be feeling throughout the school year, while also helping them perform better in school.

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