We are all born with the same goal

By Greg Zambrano

We are all born with the same goal – to be with our creator in heaven.

In forming our soul or gaining spiritual maturity, prayer is very important. In a relationship with Christ, he thinks of us all the time, always by our side waiting for us to speak to him.

It is right and just to reciprocate the love God graces us with. Our complete response brings us to full communion with God. This gives me a better understanding of the meaning of prayer.

I always find Catholic religious men and women to be great spiritual role models for us. They schedule time daily to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and attend daily Mass.

If, like them, we fill your time, mind, soul and body with God, there isn’t much space left for error and disorder. Your will in spending time with God forms a pathway to your light within and fortifies to guard your soul.

No one adult is in the same life stage – some have left their Catholic faith; they’ve stopped praying and practicing their faith. I suggest adding daily prayer to your life as a reminder of what’s most important: our creator himself.

If daily prayer isn’t currently part of your routine, do not be discouraged. Do small things to get closer to God, even if you feel it is only one millimeter at a time – carry a miraculous medal with you; splash yourself daily with holy water; pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be; have a short conversation with God expressing your desire to be with him in heaven and to please send you the graces needed to get there.

Let us respond to God. He is by our side to take good care of us all.


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