You don’t need to be “Supermom” to be a super mom

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

This Christmas break, my entire family got sick. I think all families can understand how trying the situation can be.

In my family, I tend to be hardest hit by illnesses. I was laid up in bed, and I felt useless. Thankfully, my husband was available to help with our kids, which was invaluable to me.

I’ve come to realize that when I am sick is often the only time that I stop and really rest. Normally, I place standards on myself to constantly be doing. I think a lot of parents, but particularly women, feel a certain pressure to do it all. Between jobs, kids, chores, errands, school and social demands, there seems to be a cultural expectation for women to be “Supermom,” perfectly checking off an endless to-do list and smiling all the while.

Through trial and error, I’m seeing in my own life how this is an unrealistic standard. Ironically, trying to have it all means that some aspect of life will be lacking. I could succeed in completing all the tasks looming over me, only to become harsh to my family due to the stress. I could attend every social event, but exhaust myself and my family because of it.

If I take a moment to ask God what he wants of me, I see clearer that I don’t need to do and be it all. I need to accept my limitations. That way, God can fill me up with his graces to fulfill his plans for me.

I’ve really been trying to ask Mary for help in this. Even in her sinlessness, she still had limitations. I don’t think she put pressure on herself to be Supermom, but because of that, she was a super mom.

Lord, help us all to let go of our standards and the world’s standards to become the spouses and parents you have called us to be.

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