In Defense of Adoration

By Casey Sprehe

If we are affected by the sun, are we not affected by the “one” who made the sun? Just like we can sit outside in the sun on a cloudy day and still get sunburned, we, too, can sit in the chapel and not feel anything and still be affected by the “son.”

As a wife and mother, I know I need to spend more time before the Blessed Sacrament. While a holy hour or even a half hour may not be doable at this season in life, maybe 15 minutes is.

The past two houses we have lived in have been in walking distance to an adoration chapel. Sadly, it’s a gift I underutilize and take for granted. I want to do it more frequently, but have yet to make it a fixed point in my week.

Even if I have a child with me, for us to pop in the chapel for five mins to say hi to Jesus can affect us both. (Bravo to St. Catherine of Siena Adoration Chapel which has a children’s books section next to some pillows, communicating very clearly to my kids: you are welcomed and wanted!)

I remember in high school and college wanting to lay out as much as I could before summer, so I had a base tan. I wanted to be affected by the sun to look better (or so I thought!). Now, I want to spend more time in adoration to be affected by the son, Jesus. He waits for us in the chapel ready to affect and change us.

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