Life in Fast-Forward

By Jenny Dendinger

With tears in my eyes, I watched my son process into Mass. It was his first time serving and, with his older brother by his side, I prayed he wouldn’t be too nervous. 

When we joined the Traditional Latin Mass, we learned to genuflect and make the Sign of the Cross as the altar boys pass in front of us with the crucifix. It touched my heart to see my son holding the cross as we knelt to honor Jesus. 

My oldest son has been serving for about 6 months now, and I couldn’t help but notice his watchful eye occasionally glancing over to check on his younger brother. What a gift it is to see them serving the Lord together! 

Last year, when our daughter began singing in the choir every week, our pew began to empty. 

Now, when our boys are scheduled to serve, there are only four of us left. 

I cherish sitting next to my husband with our children filling in the pew around us. It seems silly to admit, but this new chapter has been an adjustment for me. 

It feels like just yesterday we were distracting our babies with Cheerios to keep them still and quiet during Mass. My husband and I sat on opposite ends of the pew – our desperate attempt to keep them from escaping and running toward the altar. 

Somehow, someone hit fast-forward, and now half of our babies are responsible teenagers that are helping to lead the music, carry the cross and ring the bells during consecration. 

What is this life, and how did things change so quickly?

As much as I miss sitting together, I am so proud of our children. It brings me incredible joy to witness them choosing God and putting in the work required to serve. What a gift it is to be their mother!


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  1. What a touching tribute to your children and what a reflection it is on you and your husband that they are inspired to serve God with the gifts He has given them! Jesus said that He came that we may have life in abundance, and our joy is really brimming over when we see the simple living out of the Holy Spirit in those we have shared our faith!

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