Parenting reveals a lot

By Kristen Bourgeois

There is a lot to learn while parenting and not just about how to parent children.  A lot of self-discovery happens while parenting and that self-discovery can lead to healing, if we let it.

I recently discovered I have a woundedness about being heard.  I was able to make that connection when certain requests of my 5-year-old – like the failure to close dresser drawers or closet doors – were not met after repeated requests.

I’m sensitive to having repeat myself, and my reaction to his behavior and lack of cooperation was causing a reaction that wasn’t proportional.

It was then that I realized this behavior was pushing on a wound I didn’t know I had. Because of my past experiences, I assumed the intentions of my 5-year-old was that of disregard to my requests. That wasn’t the case at all. He is just 5, and he is learning how to remember how to do things like pick up and care for his things.

It wasn’t personal. I didn’t want to make my woundedness his issue, because it wasn’t. I took this problem to God, and he showed me why this behavior bothered me so.

God also showed me how he is making a path to healing. I have this desire to write, and God has given me the opportunity to share my writing through an audience with blogging and writing articles. It’s like God gave me this desire to write and share and the means to do it as a way to heal this part of me that needs healing.

Our God is an awesome God.

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