Investing in Our Children

By Ty Salvant A few years ago, I read one downside to life in a large family was a lack of individual attention from parents. I could relate! Even as homeschoolers who spent a lot of time together, I couldn’t recall spending time with each child separately on a regular basis.

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An Unexpected Tradition

By Ty Salvant Derrick and I have a laissez-faire approach to life, which has its ups and downs. With most things, sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t (fill in the blank). Usually, it leads to a less stressful life. However, it can also result in a lack of intentional traditions.

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Good at What?

By Ty Salvant On Dec. 19, Derrick and I were blessed with the birth of our sixth child, Synclair Marie. She has been such a gift to our family. Upon meeting Synclair, well-meaning friends, acquaintances and family members ask, “Is she good?” Because I have asked that question before, I know what they mean.

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