Even the winds and sea obey him

By Greg Zambrano  The Gospel teaches our kids and ourselves that, when in need, you are never alone. We might feel, sometimes, like we are completely 100% on our own, and there is no one to assist us. We lose hope and view things, that are truly small, much worse than what they are. Hoping and valuing empty promises of […]

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Do You Teach Your Children How to Pray?

By Kristy Solis I never really thought about this topic much until my youngest daughter asked me one day “Mama, how do you pray?” I thought if I role-modeled the act that it would be suffice for my children.  Now, it was time to teach my daughter what prayer entailed and why it was so […]

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My Mother’s Day prayer

By Sarah McDonald It is the question that comes with every holiday, “What do you want, mom?” It’s natural for me to ask my children around Christmas and their birthdays about gift wish lists, and I am very grateful that they are generous enough to even ask me. When asked by my sweet 8-year-old (who […]

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