Learning to Listen to God

By Kristy Solis One day, I asked her “Do you ever listen to God?” She had a perplexed look on her face and said, “God is quiet.” Then, I asked her “If you do not listen, how do you know when God has answered your prayers?” My daughter said in a matter-of-fact way, “I believe, […]

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Grateful for Sisters

By Kristy Solis A commonality and concern of all parents is the mental health of their children, especially with an ongoing crisis. How will this affect children, siblings or even the family unit as a whole? For my daughters, I encourage them to pray and reflect on daily gratitude in their lives.

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Strong is the only option

By Kristy Solis Over and over, I hear that the world around us is overwhelming. This is true. A pandemic, fires and hurricanes have intertwined in our lives and have become our new norm. Yet, we still need to live daily life through all of these trials.

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