Cultivating Reverence

By Kristen Bourgeois Raising little humans is hard work! I start to think of the importance of my faith and how there was a time when I did not practice my faith and the consequences of being adrift in the world. I want to make sure my children have a strong foundation of faith. But […]

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Still learning the God offers comfort amid sorrow

By Kristen Bourgeois It’s been a few years since my conversion but the concept of “carrying my cross,” is still one that I am learning to put into action. I’m sometimes all too familiar with my crosses; and pay too much attention to the negative aspect.  Now that I’ve identified this cross; which is always […]

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The pregnancy after the miscarriage

By Kristen Bourgeois  After losing my daughter to miscarriage and the subsequent 1 ½-year spent struggling with infertility, my husband and I learned we are expecting. I was in shock and disbelief even though this has been part of my daily prayer and something we were hoping for.

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