Your friends make known, O Lord, the glorious splendor of your Kingdom

BY Greg Zambrano Attending Mass one day with my kids, I heard Responsorial Psalm 145 read. I thought it inspiring and filled with unlimited imagery to ponder about giving glory to God and praising his name. Images obtained through prayer help me relax, sit back and enjoy the course. It’s like navigating down a small […]

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Leg Ornaments

By Mary Bruno Imagine you’re leisurely walking down a path in the jungle of life when a vine lunges out from the dirty ground to latch onto your ankle. It catches you by surprise as it jerks you backwards, momentarily stopping you in your tracks.

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Growing in Grace

By Stacy LaMorte May is in full-swing!  It is such a beautiful, abundant month filled with first Communions, confirmations, Mother’s Day and graduations (yeah, mom, try to relax in the midst of all of the things you get to plan!) It is truly a joyous time to watch our children grow and move into new […]

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