It’s Lent and I Already Messed Up

By Gaby Smith On Ash Wednesday, I was determined to make this Lent the best one yet. I decided to give up worrying. Yes, worrying. So far, it’s been going “ok.” I told my fiancé that I am giving up worrying for Lent. He thinks it’s a good idea.

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What a Day Without Social Media Did for Me

By Gaby Smith I recently took part in the human trafficking day of awareness and fasting from social media. I knew this would be particularly challenging for me. I have to admit, I’m on social media a lot. There are times where I force myself to put down my devices when I’m spending quality time […]

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2018 Has Taught Me Self Care

By Gaby Smith Self-care is something that is very new to me. It came down to talking to a professional counselor to tell me that I need to take care of me. I suffer with anxiety. My body feels like it’s constricting at 100 miles per hour, and I can’t breathe.

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