4 Easy Steps to Get Your Priorities Straight

By Courtney Elmer You’ve heard it a million times: “Make sure you’ve got your priorities straight!” But, how do you actually do this with constant demands on your time and attention?

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If You Struggle with Perfection, This is for You

By Courtney Elmer “80% perfect is perfect Courtney.”⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is what my dad would tell me when I was a girl. He saw my inner perfectionist and knew that in my quest for doing things 100% right all the time,

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The truth that’s worth It: One I wish I’d known sooner

By Courtney Elmer Have you looked in the mirror today? I’m sure you have at least once … what did you tell yourself? Was it something positive? Or were you silently kicking yourself for something you did or didn’t do? Something you have or don’t have?

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Searching for Balance? Do This Instead

By Courtney Elmer You might’ve heard the rumor about this thing called balance. In case you haven’t, it’s nothing more than an idea, really. Something that sounds really nice and that everyone wants, but that no one has ever defined.

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Want to Feel Less Busy and More Present? Do This.

By Courtney Elmer Recently, someone asked me how I have so much energy with a baby boy as busy as my son AJ. She said my positive energy was rubbing off on her, and how much lighter she felt just talking to me. 

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A Glimpse of Heaven

By Courtney Elmer Ever wonder what Heaven and dirty diapers have to do with each Other? Me neither … until now. “Imagine someone looking at your family and seeing a glimpse of heaven.” 

When I heard this in the priest’s homily on Sunday, I didn’t know whether I should laugh, cry or roll my eyes.

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