Show your children positive images of differences

By Ty Salvant When my youngest was born, I started reciting the alphabet-speaking adjectives she possessed or that I wanted her to develop. You are adventurous, brave, calm, driven, empathetic and so on. I would have to recreate the words with each recitation, because I didn’t remember the previous selection. A friend encouraged me to […]

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Parents are indicators of the truth

By Greg Zambrano Children require direction and feedback on their path towards God. As parents, we constantly have to instruct children on many things – from how to brush their teeth and tie their shoes to how to pray and learn about Catholicism. As an indicator, we direct them towards the best and safest path […]

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Are you a Martha or a Mary?

By Greg Zambrano Are we giving children the proper example in our behavior during Mass? As a community, even if we don’t have children or if they are long gone, grown up and left the house, we should still consider that there are children observing your behavior. We must be good examples and help parents […]

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