The Power of Fear

By Ana Borden Recently, I was having an early Saturday morning coffee date with a friend. We shared our latest updates and, as our conversation evolved, she shared her thought on an emotion I had not put much thought into before that moment. It was fear.

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Do Cellphones Go Hand in Hand with Parenting in Today’s Society?

  By Ana Borden This past week, I brought our youngest to our neighborhood library for storytime. As I sung along with him “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” I realized more than half of the guardians were interacting with their phones, in lieu of their little ones. Our ever-so-patient librarian’s voice creeped higher over screams, little […]

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Why We Choose to Raise Our Children in the Catholic Church

By Ana Borden There is one constant I turn to in my life in our ever changing, chaotic and imperfect world; it is my Roman Catholic faith. This foundation provides me with inner peace and happiness so much so that I consider it the most precious gift bestowed to me. My faith is a progression […]

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