“Magnifikid” Review: Why we are Obsessed!

By Gaby Smith

For my son’s birthday, one of my colleagues gave him a subscription to “Magnifikid.” It’s a child’s version of the “Magnificat” you see once a month with all of the Mass readings and daily prayers. We are obsessed with “Magnifikid.” Read More

Leg Ornaments

By Mary Bruno

Imagine you’re leisurely walking down a path in the jungle of life when a vine lunges out from the dirty ground to latch onto your ankle. It catches you by surprise as it jerks you backwards, momentarily stopping you in your tracks. Read More

Recognizing Each Child’s Individuality

By Sarah McDonald

One of the most amazing things about parenting is getting to see how different and special each of your children can be in his or her own way.

Read More

The Sound of Joy: Attending Your Child’s School Mass

By Ana Borden

There are a few things that bring me great joy in life, and one of them is listening to a church filled with children singing, especially the “Alleluia.” Read More

The Servant Song

By Stacey LaMorte

Want to see a grown woman cry? Watch me when “The Servant Song” is played during Mass. I wish I were kidding. I have always liked that song and how it speaks of being a servant to others and being Christ-like. Read More

Kids say the most humorous things!

By Kristy Solis

One night, as a family, as we were driving past a cemetery.  My oldest daughter pointed at the cemetery and said, “Is that where we are going?” Without missing a beat, my husband exclaimed, “Eventually, one day we will all go to a cemetery!” with a chuckle. Read More

Chances to Pray

By Kristen Bourgeois

Recognizing my life has changed, I realized I had to adapt my prayer life to fit family life. I’ve always loved my time in the adoration chapel with a great devotional book. But adjusting to life with a newborn and a 3-year-old has changed my ability to do that. I can’t always make it to the adoration chapel. So, I’ve had to adapt, and I’ve found some really cool resources to continue my prayer life. Read More

A Simple Way to Help Your Children Cultivate Thoughtfulness & Compassion

By Courtney Elmer

“Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck” is one of my son’s favorite songs, and when one flies past us down the highway with sirens blaring, you better believe you’ll see a huge smile come across his face. Read More

Happy Birthday

By Charla Spalluto Misse

Around my birthday each year, I start a mental assessment of my life. I think back to where I was last year and progress through the year in my mind. Read More

Appreciating Our Designer’s Handiwork

By Mary Bruno

Natural Family Planning (NFP) means different things to different people. Our understanding of this natural and Church-approved way to space out children often depends on the depth at which it was discussed in one’s church parish. Read More

A Christmas Tradition Blooms from Grief

By Megan Lacourrege
Contributing Blog Author

We were hunched over a Bible, praying like we never prayed before. We had just returned from a 12-week prenatal appointment where we learned our baby had no heartbeat. Read More