Teach Children to be Includers

By Kim Roberts

Parenting goals: raise children that adhere to the “golden rule” and do unto others and raise children who are kind

 and considerate and do not exclude others.

But, how do we as parents reach this goal and teach our children to be compassionate, tolerant and inclusive?

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Being Present in Midst of Chaos

By Gaby Smith

Just recently, I had a lot on my plate. With planning a move, planning a wedding, planning a fundraiser and so much more, I found myself struggling to find the time to be in the present moment.

A lot of the time, I was focused on the future because a lot of what was going are major life changes! Do you blame me? Do you ever experience this yourself?

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Did you Know Children are Pro Life?

By Ana Borden

I had encouraged all of our children to feel their siblings kick, hiccup and even put their ear against my growing belly as often as they liked while pregnant with our growing family.

Giggles always erupted, captivating smiles, as well as anticipation and joy about meeting their future playmate.

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Do You Teach Your Children How to Pray?

By Kristy Solis

I never really thought about this topic much until my youngest daughter asked me one day “Mama, how do you pray?”

I thought if I role-modeled the act that it would be suffice for my children.  Now, it was time to teach my daughter what prayer entailed and why it was so important to incorporate into her life.

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Great Commandment Driving

By Stacy LaMorte

As parents, we spend a good deal of our time every day in our cars driving children various places.  I, personally, have never minded driving, so I don’t consider this to a particularly difficult part of parenting

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If You Struggle with Perfection, This is for You

By Courtney Elmer

“80% perfect is perfect Courtney.”⠀⠀⠀⠀

This is what my dad would tell me when I was a girl. He saw my inner perfectionist and knew that in my quest for doing things 100% right all the time,

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Making the Best of Your Time

By Charla Misse

After work, I was looking forward to playing with my son. When he saw me and enthusiastically asked me to join him, I was just thrilled.

Before we could begin, however, I got a message there was a work issue to be handled from home and would take a good deal of time.

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A Couple Who Prays Together

By Kevin Sprehe

Five moves, two jobs, two states and four kids.

Many things have changed in 10 years of marriage, but one thing has remained consistent.

Shortly after we started dating, I asked Casey if I could pray with her.

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By Kristy Solis

Have you ever felt like you spend more time praying than anything else in life? I adamantly know that I do spend more time praying than anything else in my life. Read More

Keeping the Faith This Fourth of July From the Eyes of a First Generation American

By Ana Borden

Daily, I am reminded of the great sacrifices my grandparents and parents made immigrating from their native country under conditions that tore their families apart Read More

Leaving the Valley of Comparison

By Leslie Bertucci

See if this sounds familiar:

You’re casually scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, skimming through your friends’ posts about their smart, beautiful children Read More