Servant Hearts

By Casey Sprehe

Our family is blessed. Our needs are met. And, if I’m being honest, most of our wants are, too.

The pull to focus on our first-world problems is very strong. I find gratitude and giving good antidotes to prevent that. It’s a battle that often, I let the other side win. Read More

Are You Giving Your Kids the Right Kind of Praise?

By Courtney Elmer

As parents, we want to make sure we’re supporting, encouraging and loving our children through our affirming words and offering gentle guidance whenever necessary.

And, as Catholic parents, raising virtuous children is an even higher priority.

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My Top 10 Things Families Can Do to Observe Advent

By Sarah McDonald

When I told my children last year that Advent was supposed to be observed like Lent, I think I saw literal terror in their faces.  Imagine my little ones trying to compute how the secular holiday season compares to Lent, the season of prayer, fasting,and almsgiving. Honestly, it’s hard for me to fathom as well! Read More

Holy Souls

By Charla Spalluto Misse

It was not until this year that I realized how immensely holy souls need our help.

At 7 years old and having lost loved ones this year, my son was more cognizant of All Souls’ Day (Nov. 2) than ever before. Read More

The Art and Science of Gratitude

By Kristy Solis

Do you teach your child about the depths of gratitude?

For my children, gratitude is part of our prayer ritual. After we pray as a family, we take turns individually expressing what we are grateful for. Read More

Don’t Know What to Write About, but I’m Grateful

By Gaby Smith

There are moments like today that I have absolutely no idea what to write about. I try my best to be a real, upfront person.

When you ask me how I am, I tell you. If you were to ask me what this article is going to be about, I’d tell you I have no idea. Read More

How Keeping Track of your Children’s Shoes Can Save Their Life: Protecting Your Children From Human Trafficking

By Ana Borden

According to a report issued by the Department of Children & Family Services earlier this year, as well as according to Homeland Security officials, human trafficking cases are on a considerable rise in New Orleans. Read More

Worth More than Gold

By Kate Taliaferro
Contributing blogger

We all have broken places in our lives. It’s a simple fact of human existence since the fall. Somewhere along the course of our journey we’ve fallen, gotten beat up and dirty in the mess of life.

After experiencing such a time, we need to pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together. We are like a broken cup, unable to fulfill our purpose.

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In with the good, out with the bad

By Stacy LaMorte

Take time to breathe.  Breathing is an involuntary action, like our hearts beating or our digestion working.  However, we can make it a conscious action when we are about to lose our temper or need to calm down even for a good reason. Read More

Investing in Our Children

By Ty Salvant

A few years ago, I read one downside to life in a large family was a lack of individual attention from parents. I could relate!

Even as homeschoolers who spent a lot of time together, I couldn’t recall spending time with each child separately on a regular basis. Read More

God’s Landscape is a Beautiful Thing

By Gaby Smith

There are moments where I step outside and see the Lord through the trees, the mighty Mississippi River and the faint sound of a guitar at a park. God is truly present in these joyous moments.

My favorite places where I truly feel the Lord’s presence is at the beach. There’s something about the beach that makes me truly go back to the humbleness that is the Lord. I truly feel him showing me his creation. I’m relaxed, calm and at peace.

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