Being the Best Version of Yourself

By Ty Salvant

Society often associates self-care with indulgence. Unfortunately, this commercialization of self-care has made us lose sight of reality. It has given us two false impressions: that mothers who care for themselves are selfish and that self-care is a luxury.

Recently, I gave a presentation on how we can incorporate self-care into our busy lives. Here are a few tips I shared.

•  Add yourself to your calendar and budget.

•  Let go of unrealistic expectations of motherhood.

•  If you struggle with the concept of self-care, change your focus.

A few years ago, I realized that I was too busy to connect with my friends. So, I set up three friend dates monthly: coffee, dinner or even walking. The activity didn’t matter; nurturing relationships did. Read More

When Things Aren’t Going Our Way

By Kim Roberts

There are many times in our lives when it is especially hard to remember that God is in control. While feeling overwhelmed by events is inevitable, it’s how we choose to react that makes the difference. Remembering that God will take care of us is the true testament of our faith. Read More

When you lose a parent

By Chris Bordelon

Being a parent has been a time of flexible learning for me. It hasn’t all been as easy as I would have liked it to be, but, for the most part, child-rearing followed the course of many children – graduating from elementary school, high school, college, getting married, etc., with a few detours along the way.

But, losing a parent is something that I don’t know how to describe. It’s a hole in your heart that can’t be filled. Read More

You Have Kept the Good Wine Until Now

By Phillip Garside

According to our demoralizing cultural narrative, young couples fall in passionate love, get married and have kids. Their love is tempered by the stress of family life. Then, after pouring all of their energy into raising kids, they are abandoned by them and left cohabitating as cantankerous strangers in an empty nest. Read More

Save the Drama

By Stacy LaMorte


Unfortunately, over the past couple of weeks I have heard or read multiple stories of adults in Catholic church parish groups or committees being downright ugly to one another.  

Women on church bazaar committees gossiping and planning the downfall of another; men in a bible study spouting prejudice against other groups, and a seminarian I was coaching literally citing that as one reason he was doubting becoming a priest, not wanting to have to settle disputes between people volunteering at his parish. Read More

Partners in prayer save the day

By Vivian Marino

Recently, we celebrated my daughter’s senior ring Mass, and I cannot tell you how excited she was to finally wear her ring. She received it on a Friday and, the following Friday, she lost it! To say she was upset was an understatement.

My daughter rarely wears jewelry, so she thought it had somehow slipped off her finger. We retraced her steps and then turned the house upside down, but nothing was found. Read More

Inviting Peace into the Busyness of My Day

By Gina Sternfels

I have been drawn to this prayer, “Jesus, you must increase, and I must decrease, ” when I have heard friends pray this.  I have been working on praying this short prayer more, because it allows me to slow down and reflect.

It leads me to the simplicity of how I can do better if I focus on who matters. If I can practice calling Jesus to my mind and heart in the day-to-day moments, I can choose to focus on him and have him increase in me. I can work on decreasing my negative thoughts, worries or concerns that I often hyperfocus on and shift them back to him, who can lessen that if I invite him into it. Read More

Now is the acceptable time

By Greg Zambrano

Are we aware of our time to come to Christ? God is with us throughout our lives. Are we with him?

If we familiarize ourselves with Scripture, the catechism and sacred traditions of the church, we may reach an encounter with God that will take us towards him. In the quiet moments reflecting his truthful infinite dimensions and in the most concealed and restricted part of your soul, he will tell you, “I’m here.” Read More


By Kristen Bourgeois

I have read the many accounts of those who were healed by Jesus in the Bible. But one healing had always perplexed me. The healing of the ill man by the pool of Bethesda.

It says in John chapter 5, verse 6: “Jesus, upon seeing this man lying there and knowing that he had already been in that condition for a long time, said to him, ‘Do you want to get well?’” Read More

Don’t fret about asking for help

By Jenny Dendinger


“I really need help, but please don’t judge me when you see this mess.”

Her message wasn’t unusual. Neither was her situation. My friend was a busy mom trying her best to keep up with life. Eventually, she reached a point where she was so overwhelmed that she swallowed her pride and accepted my offer to help. Read More

Unity in Families

By Lisa Janusa

A sea captain needs to have a sextant to safely steer his ship through stormy seas. Today, all families, likewise, must have a reliable tool to navigate safely through family discord.

Every family will experience challenges to peace and unity. Unity in families should mirror the unity within the Holy Trinity. Read More