In God’s Time – Dealing with loss

By Kim Roberts

I still can not wrap my head around the recent death of a dear friend. Shannon never met a stranger, she was the most caring, giving, Christian woman that I have ever met. Her smile, which seemed to be always present, literally lit up any room she entered.

In my 13 years of friendship with her, I can not recall a time when she was not upbeat, happy and witnessing for our savior. Even in her extended battle with cancer, she grew closer to God and completely understood his role in our lives. Read More

The Gift of Hope

By Jenny Dendinger

As we were telling a parish priest hello after Mass, I noticed an older lady standing off to the side. I thought she was waiting for a chance to speak to the priest, but she walked up to me instead.

Her mask was still on, but her eyes were smiling as she spoke. She started off by telling me that we had a beautiful family and how watching my children during Mass had filled her with joy. Read More

Lessons from time-out can be helpful to parents, too

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

In many homes, I imagine, time-out is a much-dreaded punishment. Probably because it can be quite effective. Instead of socializing, playing and ultimately doing what they want to be doing, kids find themselves alone, without amusements, and all against their will. Read More

Bring hope to all

By Greg Zambrano 

You can share your faith in many small ways.

One good way of knowing if you are heading in the right direction is to ask yourself, “Are you demonstrating love for your neighbor?” Read More

Be the One

By Charla Spalluto Misse

There is a Biblical event that comes to my mind often – when Jesus cleansed 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19).

Briefly, in this event, 10 lepers call out to Jesus to have mercy on them. He tells them to go and show themselves to the priests (who would declare whether they remained diseased). On their way, all 10 lepers were cleansed. Read More

Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday

By Sarah McDonald

As I write this blog, Halloween decor is coming down and, in many places, particularly commercial centers, Christmas decorations are already going up! Everyone seems to be in such a hurry for 2020 to be over that we are trying to skip to the end of the year (and I can’t say that I blame anyone for that). Read More


By Kim Roberts

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. For the past 20 years, I have had the honor of cooking for my family and extended family in my home. I enjoy planning the menu, the prep work, getting up before dawn on Thanksgiving Day to start cooking the turkey and setting the table. Read More

The Hardest Part

By Stacy LaMore

I think that through every stage of parenthood, we think that the part we are in MUST be the hardest part, right?

When you have your first newborn, you think, “How will my life every be normal again? How will I ever shower in peace again?” And, then, that stage passes, and your child is off and crawling – or rolling as one of our kids did, and you lament not enjoying those days when your child would just lie there and not go anywhere because now you must be careful of the dangerous things he/she can reach. Read More

Storm Debris

By Charla Spalluto Misse

My schedule, like everyone else’s, was turned upside down with the recent storms. After a few days of shock, I was ready to get back on track.

Three days after the storm, I finally went for a morning run.  Many people were still clearing their yards.  Power crews were in the neighborhood. Read More

Cleaning out the Fridge

By Mary Bruno 

The other night, Chris and I were watching a TV show which showcased a journalist husband struggling to support his pregnant wife. The refrigerator had broken again, so the camera caught him tossing spoiled food into the trash with an incredibly sad look on his face. The pain of disappointment was evident in his eyes. He could not bear the thought of not being able to provide for his family as they deserved. Read More

Being Thankful

By Charlotte Phillips

Over the past several years, it seems to be a trend on social media for people to post something they are thankful for everyday during the month of November. This year, the trend seems to be a bit different, though; more people seem to be counting down the days until 2020 is over. Read More