Veni Sancte Spiritus

By Greg Zambrano

“Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit and they shall be created and thou shalt renew the face of the earth.” Amen.

You can also find the Latin version which is also spectacular, “Veni Sancte Spiritus.”

We pray this prayer together as a family at the end of the rosary to always remember and honor the Holy Spirit. Read More


By Casey Sprehe

Feasts and fasts. Purifications and celebrations. The church’s extremes throughout the year are chances for me to model for my kids what liturgical living looks like.

Pentecost – the birthday of the church – is a time we draw them into the celebration more than Sunday Mass. Read More

Making Time for Just One

By Sarah McDonald

As I have written about before, we have five children; a pretty large family by today’s standards though it is perfectly normal for me having grown-up the oldest of five.

I had an incredible childhood filled with opportunity and never wanting for anything.

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Searching for Balance? Do This Instead

By Courtney Elmer

You might’ve heard the rumor about this thing called balance.

In case you haven’t, it’s nothing more than an idea, really. Something that sounds really nice and that everyone wants, but that no one has ever defined.

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Little Things Can Make a Difference

By Charla Spalluto Misse

I look for ways to encourage prayer and devotion in my home and in our school.  I try very hard to discern and carry out the Lord’s Will.

I am so frequently humbled, however, struck by the enormity of another’s work toward the glory of God.  So much more than I am doing, I marvel and, admittedly, often feel small.  But are these small things that I do not meaningful? Read More

Blessings Are for All Ages

By Kristy Solis

Have you ever asked your child “What is your favorite part of Mass?”

As we prayed as a family tonight, I asked this very question to my 4-year-old daughter. This child of God said, “The best part of Mass is ‘The Cross! When I cross my arms to walk up during the sacrament for the blessing. It is the reason I go to Mass every week to see Jesus when I get my blessing.” Read More

Graduation Day is Special Time to Reflect

By Kim Roberts

The month of May is synonymous with graduations – from high school and college.

I can’t help but reflect on the graduations of my two older children from high school and college and the emotions that went along with those milestones.

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A Cluttered Life

By Gaby Smith

Every spring and fall, I clean out my closet of clothes I don’t wear anymore. I make my son do the same thing. My mother taught me this as a child, so it was instilled in my brain forever.

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Walking with Mary Through the Mysteries

By Leslie Bertucci

One of the common threads that have run through and strung together my 55 years as a Catholic Christian is the rosary. I remember reciting this beautiful prayer as a child, with my family, with neighborhood friends and with classmates. Read More

Women In Witness

By Sarah McDonald

A few months back, my NOLACatholic Parenting column in the Clarion Herald was about raising Catholic daughters in today’s #MeToo world.

I lamented the seeming lack of examples of women in today’s world and made a bold call for women to embrace authentic feminism. Needless to say, there were strong reactions … quickly. Read More

Growing in Grace

By Stacy LaMorte

May is in full-swing!  It is such a beautiful, abundant month filled with first Communions, confirmations, Mother’s Day and graduations (yeah, mom, try to relax in the midst of all of the things you get to plan!)

It is truly a joyous time to watch our children grow and move into new phases of their lives.  Our former pastor used to put it so elegantly when he would pray for the children “to grow in grace and wisdom.” Read More