Find Your People

By Stacy Lamorte

Do you choose to spend time with people who share your religious values?

One of my best friends started a women’s social and business networking group called “LikeMinded Ladies” here in New Orleans. While it has absolutely no religious affiliation or requirements, I find that there is a very “Christian” quality about it, in that it is a group of very positive, kind women who are there for each other. Read More

Occasions of Prayer

By Sarah McDonald

Before I had my own children, I read an inspiring Facebook post from a NOLACatholic mom and friend about how when her children heard sirens, no matter what they were doing, they would stop and pray for all of those affected.

I remember thinking, I want my children to do that. too! Read More

Good Friday

By Casey Sprehe

Experiencing the fullness of the Triduum was a pinnacle I looked forward to during my Lenten journey. Not the Pinnacle that is the Resurrection, of course, but the transition from “normal Lent” time into Triduum time. Read More

The Easter Basket Tradition

By Ana Borden

While living in Chicago, I learned more about our Catholic faith and its traditions than I ever anticipated, living in the largest archdiocese in the country and from new friends with worldwide connections.

One of those special, lifelong friends I made was Ewa, a deeply devout Roman Catholic of Lithuanian descent. She was born and raised in Poland and experienced communism and the segregation of faith before immigrating to the USA. Read More

Pray the Rosary Like You Mean It

By Kim Roberts

In January, I accompanied my daughter and other CYO members on a trip down the highway to participate in the March for Life held in Baton Rouge. We rode the bus with parishioners from our church. Read More

Lent 2.0

By Casey Sprehe

At the beginning of Lent, I wrote this (Approaching the desert) article. A month into Lent, I’ve already forgotten my own words.

God surely did pick my Lent for me. Someone in my house of 6 has been sick since Lent started. Physical and emotional sickness has been at an all-time high for us. Not one day has passed where we were batting 1,000. And I’ve kicked and scream the. whole. way. Read More

“Trust in the Lord”

By Greg Zambrano

Fear gets to everyone old, young and people of all ages. Jesus our Lord invites us with love to trust in him – what the saying on the bottom of the Divine Mercy image, “Jesus, I Trust in You.”
Read More

Meeting Jesus in the Stations

By Leslie Bertucci

For years, our family has hosted two special events that we call the Bertucci Family Advent/Lent Extravaganza.

We invite people from church, school, ministry and the community to our home. After sharing a potluck dinner, we have a time of sung worship, prayer and petition. Read More

Losing Focus

By Charla Spalluto Misse

My child is extremely focused. I often have to wait for him to finish something before he can really listen to me. I respect my son’s disposition, though. He is showing no disrespect when he isn’t focused on me. He is simply consumed. Read More

A Lenten Reflection: On Motherhood, Surrender and the Grace We Need For Both

By Courtney Elmer

I can still hear the sirens blaring outside my hospital window. It was Mardi Gras day 2018. The Rex parade was rolling below, and I was almost 22 hours into labor with my son. Read More

Sparking Joy

By Ana Borden

As a minimalist, I have gravitated towards one of the most talked about shows on Netflix – the highly organized Marie Kondo, who helps clients transform their cluttered homes into spaces of beauty, peace and inspiration.

If you are familiar with this new series, then you know that when a household member is in doubt of what items to keep or pass along, she asks one simple and direct question, “Does it spark joy?” Read More