When the Answer is No

By Michelle Macicek

Over the past few months two of my daughters have separately worked and trained to try out for something that they wanted very badly. Unfortunately, after each try out the answer was “no” for both of them.

When they each received the email with this news, my first reaction was one of momma bear protector. How could I shield this disappointment and rejection from them? The answer is … I can’t! Sure, I can speak words of affirmation and buy them a little treat, but those are temporary. Read More

Walking by Faith with Autism

By Gina Sternfels

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month.  For our family, autism awareness, acceptance and action are every day.  

Each year, I see growth in my awareness of what my son can do, and I have always had faith that there is more for him. But, I did not know how it would happen. So, I am excited to share that God placed us in a new direction that answered that prayer.   Read More

Keep the Celebration Going!

By Stacy LaMorte

Alleluia! Alleluia! He is risen! Happy Easter, NOLA Catholic Parenting Family! 

 It is so easy, like Christmas, to think like the secular world that Easter is over because the day itself has come and gone. However, Easter is a 50-day celebration that begins today and ends on the feast of Pentecost which is June 5 this year.  Read More

Staying True to Your Lenten Commitment

By Gavin Lewis

Each year during Lent, I struggle to find what I will abstain from. The hard part is not abstaining for 40 days, but ensuring that what I do allows me to make a conscious decision to better myself for life – not just during Lent.  Read More

The Rose Bush

By Ana Borden

There are a few things I still recall about my grandmother before she passed away when I was a child. Among them was her love for rose bushes that grew in her yard.

As a hobby, she cultivated beautiful heirloom roses in various hues of pinks and red. Following her passing, my mother propagated “offsprings” from rose cuttings. What started out as twigs have matured into stately bushes, elevated in pots that bloom sporadically. Read More

Parents are indicators of the truth

By Greg Zambrano

Children require direction and feedback on their path towards God. As parents, we constantly have to instruct children on many things – from how to brush their teeth and tie their shoes to how to pray and learn about Catholicism.

As an indicator, we direct them towards the best and safest path to get the optimal results. For example, in education. We may help them with math and English homework or even study for a test. When tests or the report cards indicate the student’s standing on grades, we congratulate their accomplishments or instruct the need to study some more. Sometimes it takes more than studying to get better grades, but eventually, with everyone’s hard work, the child bounces back. Read More

Before you play the comparison game, try this instead

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

Do you struggle with comparisons? Perhaps you are prone to comparing yourself to others. Or maybe other people approach you with comparisons of their own.

In my own life, I discovered that comparisons have never left me happy. They often seemed to cause competition and even contempt. Once I realized that, I’ve made efforts to detach from dynamics that have lent themselves to comparisons. In the process, I’ve delved into a Bible story that has helped me a lot. Read More

Bow your head

By Kristy Solis


Life is filled with blessings, even during the difficult times. Reflect on who has walked this journey of life with you. God should be first and foremost.

Sometimes in life, you need to bow your head to the Lord, say a prayer to the Lord and wait out a storm with the Lord. Through these downpours, there are great lessons to be learned. Read More

How To Love Your Infertile Friends

By Mary Bruno

A common question on the hearts of many fertile women is, “How can I help, or love, my infertile friends and acquaintances?” There are many ways, but I want to share one that is most helpful for me.

Infertility provokes the loneliest crevices of our hearts. It recognizes the desire to create and give of oneself, but responds with emptiness. It feels as though it laughs at our inability to be used for our greatest purpose. Read More