Seeing Jesus in your child

By Kristy Solis

For those who have been blessed to know and embody Jesus, it is easy to recognize Jesus around them and in others. Have you ever seen Jesus in a child?

For children, it comes so naturally and effortlessly. If you pay attention to your children, you will see Jesus. I challenge you to watch your children or other children, in play or in everyday ordinary life; you will be amazed.

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Building Saints

By Kim Roberts

While attending a parent club meeting recently, our guest speaker spoke about how parents are in the business of raising saints.

I thought about that on the drive home and mused could she literally have meant that all of our children were going to be actual saints? Well, that couldn’t be what she meant, right? Read More

Parenthood as a Charism

By Phillip Garside

All of us know the “parent-child relationship” from the child’s end. The target audience of this blog would do well to remember that their charism and gift to the church is to know that relationship from the parent’s end. It is our gift to experience all of the misfires and victories of parenthood and then impart that experience to every aspect of the church that uses the paternal and maternal analogy. Read More

Show your children positive images of differences

By Ty Salvant

When my youngest was born, I started reciting the alphabet-speaking adjectives she possessed or that I wanted her to develop. You are adventurous, brave, calm, driven, empathetic and so on. I would have to recreate the words with each recitation, because I didn’t remember the previous selection. A friend encouraged me to write it down, hence the beginning of a new project.

During this time, my daughter loved pictures of people, and the concept for “The Alphabet of You” was born. Read More

All Souls’ Day

By Charla Misse

As we approach November, the month dedicated by the Catholic Church to the souls in purgatory, I noticed a reminder in my calendar on All Souls’ Day, Nov. 2: Pray the Our Father and the Apostles’ Creed at church for a plenary indulgence for souls. Read More

The Gift of Giving

By Charlotte Phillips

We recently celebrated our 7-year-old son’s birthday. His older sister wanted to use her own money to buy him a gift, so per her request, we walked down to the gas station to pick out some of his favorite candy. She settled on a bag of M&Ms and a king-size Reese’s. Read More

Timeless Parables

By Stacy LaMorte

Jesus was so insightful and knew his flock so well. He knew that we learn better from stories than from mere transmission of facts. When you think about the things you have heard that have really impacted your life, I would venture to say that you remember the facts because of the stories. Read More

54 Days’ novena is life changing

By Vivian Marino

In February 2022, I joined an online ministry called “Sorrow to Strength” that was started by two sisters after the loss of their brother. In that particular month, the sisters began a 54-day novena that was to end on Easter Sunday.

I had never done a 54-day novena and honestly felt daunted by the task, but figured I’d find strength in numbers.

In a 54-day novena, you pray the rosary daily with added prayers. The first 27 days are in petition, and the last 27 days are in thanksgiving. So, I thought of my petition and began my 54-day journey. The fruits that resulted from this novena were amazing, and I knew I had to do another one. Read More

A New Birthday Tradition

By Gina Sternfels

I always get excited to do something special for birthdays in our home, and October is a month full of birthdays for us.

A few years ago, I started a new tradition. I go to a daily Mass on my family member’s birthday as an offering for that person. Of course, I can do all the running around for a cake and presents, but I am learning that this is truly the best gift. Read More

Reach the heights of heaven

By Greg Zambrano

One late morning I was in church praying my rosary. That day, I was praying the Glorious mysteries– kneeling and facing the tabernacle with a very elaborate St. Joseph statue to my right. 

I prayed the mysteries one by one: first the Resurrection of Our Lord, second the Ascension of Our Lord, third the Descent of the Holy Spirit, fourth the Assumption of Our Lady and fifth the Coronation of Our Lady. On the fourth mystery as I peered at St. Joseph, I started thinking that if he died first before the Assumption, he must have seen Mary rise to heaven. He must have also seen the Ascension. Mark 14:62, “You will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of Power.”  Read More


By Kristen Bourgeois

It was two years ago, that God put homeschooling my children on my heart.  I started with researching the topic and God started putting people in my life who were homeschooling their children.

Growing up I had no idea that homeschooling was a thing.  The concept of homeschooling wasn’t bizarre to me but completely intrigued me.  And the families I had gotten to know who were homeschooling, had something alluring about them. Read More