Childlike Wonder

By Stacy LaMorte

Leaving work to pick up my children from school recently, I was driving down Napoleon Avenue.  It was a beautiful, crisp autumn day, so I was already feeling grateful to God for the glorious weather when I saw two boys who looked like brothers standing on the sidewalk. Read More

Wallet and Cell phone

By Greg Zambrano 

One sunny day, the kids and I were outside the house. My oldest daughter asked if it is ok to judge others, to judge sinners and people who are in great mortal sin and don’t seem to care about coming home to Christ.

Right away, I thought she needed accurate information and direction from her dad. My idea was to teach her – with physical objects – so it could be easier to understand. Read More

Companions on this journey

By Kristy Solis

As we continue this journey through this pandemic, let us be companions on this journey.

Although this has been a difficult crossroad in life, it has affected individuals in many different ways.  Therefore, as we continue, if you have companions or even one companion, it will make this time bearable and worthwhile.  Even though we need to be distanced for safety reasons, companionship is a basic need and when it is not fulfilled, this will lead to emotional and physical issues.  Companionship is the basis of belonging as humans. It is human nature and we need to stride to work even harder to maintain companionship during this unprecedented time. Read More

Icing on Jesus’ Birthday Cake

By Mary Bruno

Chris and I had just moved to the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain and were experiencing a lot of firsts, like most couples do when getting situated in a new town. I met the pharmacist at our local grocery store and was surprisingly pleased at how kind he was; we discovered the trace and the beautiful nature sprouting from its trail; and we encountered a little bit of heaven on earth at our first “Midnight Mass” at Our Lady of the Lake Church (OLL). Read More

Loving Thy Neighbor

By Jenny Dendinger

During our daily bike rides, we make sure to smile and wave as we pass our neighbors. Occasionally, we stop and visit for a few minutes while bonding over a pet.  Friendly animals always make good icebreakers! 

One day, while loving on his dog, Suzy, our neighbor asked, “Am I right to assume that you are a praying woman?” Read More

Clinging to Hope

By Charlotte Phillips

Your birth is our hope.

I wrote this phrase in my prayer journal and underlined it. It felt like an important thing to remember. A few days later, I saw it again and immediately cried out, “Thank you, Holy Spirit! Hope! Yes, we need to cling to hope now more than ever.” Read More


By Charla Spalluto Misse

After the recent Hurricane Zeta, my family stayed in our home without power for several days.  I was actually very happy to accept this challenge. I felt that God was allowing me the chance to show him the strength of my faith and perseverance.

I didn’t tell my family, but I wasn’t praying for the power to return. I know that God allows us to receive hardship so that we can grow in some way. In my heart, I was so grateful for the opportunity. And, I didn’t want to waste this chance given to me. Read More

Time to Clean House

By Ty Salvant

When I am hosting an event at my house, I want to create an inviting atmosphere. I focus on the rooms that people can see first. Then, there is a hierarchy to my process. First, declutter then clean larger spaces, the floors, surfaces, seating and so on.

A few years ago, I realized that I clean at my eye level, which would not be an issue if I was taller than 5 feet. I noticed the top of a shelf from a different angle as I was walking someone out – I was embarrassed. Now, I include the tops of furniture, too.

Read More

Mary is a gift to the church at Christmas and always

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

As I prepared to welcome a new baby amidst the pandemic a few months ago, I was a little perturbed by the uncertainties. What would be the hospital’s protocol? Would we be safe there? Who would babysit our older child?

I turned to Mary a lot at that time, asking our heavenly mother to help guide us and give us clarity. In doing so, I really began to discover the true gift that Mary is to us. Read More

Prayer for our Fathers

By Charla Spalluto Misse

Please, pray for our priests.  They are in need of our prayers.

Take time to reflect that they have sacrificed their lives for our eternal salvation.  Every moment, they are called to serve and guide us, to humble themselves. Our prayers can fan the flames burning in their hearts for Christ and help them respond to their calling with complete surrender to God. Read More

Happiness found in chaos after the storm

By Ana Borden

The morning after Hurricane Zeta came through, our entire family went to work before 8 a.m. to sweep, pick up branches and debris. The excitement of the hurricane and the relief of not having damage was so much so that it was the first thing our children wanted to do, even bypassing breakfast. Read More