Women In Witness

By Sarah McDonald

A few months back, my NOLACatholic Parenting column in the Clarion Herald was about raising Catholic daughters in today’s #MeToo world.

I lamented the seeming lack of examples of women in today’s world and made a bold call for women to embrace authentic feminism. Needless to say, there were strong reactions … quickly. Read More

Growing in Grace

By Stacy LaMorte

May is in full-swing!  It is such a beautiful, abundant month filled with first Communions, confirmations, Mother’s Day and graduations (yeah, mom, try to relax in the midst of all of the things you get to plan!)

It is truly a joyous time to watch our children grow and move into new phases of their lives.  Our former pastor used to put it so elegantly when he would pray for the children “to grow in grace and wisdom.” Read More

Addiction in the Family

By Kim Roberts

Addiction. Just saying the word brings me to my knees. How can a family survive addiction, of any kind, at any age?

When a family member is suffering from an addiction, it affects everyone in the family, not just the addict. Read More

When We Can’t Love Unconditionally

By Ty Salvant

Disillusionment is a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

Disillusionment can be cyclical, occurring hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and can be brief or linger depending on our response to it. Read More

My Mother’s Day prayer

By Sarah McDonald

It is the question that comes with every holiday, “What do you want, mom?”

It’s natural for me to ask my children around Christmas and their birthdays about gift wish lists, and I am very grateful that they are generous enough to even ask me.

When asked by my sweet 8-year-old (who has asked me not to embarrass him) what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year, my quick answer was a full night’s sleep. We all laughed because we know that isn’t happening …

Read More

Are you a Martha or a Mary?

By Greg Zambrano

Are we giving children the proper example in our behavior during Mass?

As a community, even if we don’t have children or if they are long gone, grown up and left the house, we should still consider that there are children observing your behavior.

We must be good examples and help parents raise their children Catholic, even if we never say hello. Read More

How to Stay More Present in This Busy, Crazy World

By Courtney Elmer

“I just want to live in the moment.” Ever said this to yourself? I definitely have.

For years I felt like there was never enough time to get it all done. Whenever I sat there trying to embody whatever it meant to actually be “present,” I failed miserably.

But one day things shifted for me, as Thomas Merton’s words echoed in my head: “Now. Here. This.” Read More

Catholic Education

By Gavin Lewis

I often have conversations with parents (Catholic and non-Catholic) surrounding why they choose to send or are considering sending their children to Catholic schools.

We discuss the true meaning of Catholic education, what it looks like in action and if the Catholic portion in Catholic education is really that important. Read More

Am I Good Enough, Lord?

By Ana Borden

As a parent, one of the daily struggles I face is juggling and distributing my time, energy and resources equally among all our children and my husband while multitasking the responsibilities of schedules, households, my business and relationships. Read More

What Does God Inspire You to Create?

By Kristy Solis

During family prayer, a recent devotion was related to Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

It made us reflect as a family on the creativity of God to creative an entire world.  Both of my daughters were in awe of this grand concept.  Both of them are creative by nature with a love for art in many different forms. Read More

Prayer in School

By Kim Roberts

Our society is constantly being bombarded by news both on the television and through social media. We have more information about what is going on in our country than ever before.

We can see first-hand the battle for morality and ethics in our society is being played out right before our eyes. Read More