Giving Thanks

By Kim Roberts

A lot of people rush through the month of November to get to December and all the excitement and activities that lead up to Christmas, but I like to take the month of November to reflect and be grateful for family, friends and the life the Lord has given me. 

As I look back on the 29 years my husband and I have had the privilege of raising our three children, it brings to mind all the ways – big and small – that we tried to teach them gratitude for all that we were blessed with as a family. We wanted them to appreciate the time we have been able to spend together over the years enjoying traditions that they as adults will be able to carry on and build upon when they become parents. 

We have tried to show our children the importance of opening our home at Thanksgiving to everyone in our extended family. We made a point to get them involved, from a very young age, in Thanksgiving by letting them help with meal preparation, setting the table, serving the meal, clearing and cleaning after the meal so that they could be co-hosts with us and share in the act of service and giving to their family. 

Now, since my children are older, they have parts of the meal that they cook on their own – in my kitchen with me glancing over from time to time of course, but they have taken on the responsibility and for that I am grateful. 

There are times that I miss the Thanksgivings when they were little wearing their matching holiday outfits and eating on their placemats they made at school. I cherish those memories and am grateful for the trust the Lord has placed in my husband and I to raise these souls to the grow into the empathetic, loving adults they have become. It has truly been a blessing. 

I can only pray that my children carry with them the memory of this simple act of service and hospitality to their family, and it brings them joy and gratitude. As Thanksgiving approaches, I hope that everyone looks for ways to generate gratitude in their own families and embraces each season as a parent.

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