Lessons from Laura

By Stacy LaMorte

My friend Laura passed away two years ago today.  She had been ill for a very long time and fought a very good fight, but finally surrendered to eternal rest on Nov. 9, 2021. Another friend from our Rosary group and I had gotten together that morning to pray for her and her family as we knew, unless some miracle happened, her death was imminent.  Her husband called me during that rosary to give me the news.

God chose, instead of the miracle of healing, the miracle of eternal life with him in all his glory in heaven. She gets to see his face!

Any time I start to feel sorry for those of us left on earth without her, I think of how long and hard she fought and the reward she now, ultimately, has in heaven and that stops my pouting.

These are the lessons I have learned from Laura’s life:

  1. Live a holy life, and you don’t have to fear death.
  2. No suffering will be wasted, no matter how small, if we offer it up for some greater good.
  3. Hospitality matters. Laura always made you feel warm, welcome and important. Time spent with her was deliberate and meaningful.
  4. Make God your top priority and surround yourself with others who do, too. The priest who celebrated Laura’s funeral and burial said he had never seen so many people who went to the funeral attend the burial. These are the people with whom you want to surround yourself and pray for in your children’s lives to surround them. Laura did that.
  5. Family next: Laura’s family was paramount to her. She put in quality time with them, not just to be able to post pictures looking like she did.

God, thank you for the gift of my friend Laura. Thank you for all the blessings she brought into my life.


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