Learning To Be A Wildflower of The Lord

By Gina Sternfels

With two of my kids being away at college, I worry about my boys.

What worries do you have today? Kids, parents, work or the front page of the paper? There are many things we let crowd our hearts and minds.

Did you know there is a “Cure for Anxiety” in Matthew 6: 25-34?

I have been working on making a habit out of reading Scripture! In reading it, what jumped out at me from Matthew was “learning how the wildflowers grow.”

The basics of growing anything are planting and watering them. I was curious to see what else I could find out about what else God may want me to know.

Google revealed what I needed to know. It said, “Wildflowers need good seed-to-soil contact, adequate access to nutrients, sunlight, water and ample room for roots to grow.

Reading over that seemed so simple to me. Maybe that’s why I was prompted to dig deeper (pun intended).

The Holy Spirit shared with me these growing directions:

+ Seed-to-soil contact – I needed close contact with Christ.

+ Access to nutrients – Access to the sacraments.

+ Sunlight – What “son” is better than Jesus, the Light of the World?

+ Water – Nourishment and care with prayer.

+ Room for roots to grow – My space and time with God. I am giving myself room from worldly worries when I do this. God calls me to have time with him so I can grow in trusting him and be under his care so I can hand over my worries and concerns.

Do you ever have these moments where God is talking to you? I would not have had this lesson if I was not in his word. Being in the Bible is teaching me better how to hear God’s voice and weed out what I know is not of him.

I like simple lessons, and I love recognizing when he speaks to me!

When was the last time you let God “sprinkle” some Miracle Grow in the garden of your heart and home?


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