Enduring the Unknown

By Jenny Dendinger

When I left for work at 9:30 a.m., there was a thick, heavy fog still lingering. I was so nervous. As I looked down the street at the highway a few blocks away, I could barely see the movement of the cars driving through the clouds in the distance.

I waved goodbye to my kids and asked them to pray for me to have a safe trip. Then I rolled up my window, turned off my music, and said a Hail Mary.

As scary as the fog looked, my view of the road in front of me was much better than I expected. Clarity came when I needed it.

On a normal day, it’s easy to take your visibility for granted. Being able to see the road ahead gives us a peace of mind that we rarely notice. Our brains just take it all in, planning and proceeding with the information it absorbs around us.

When some of that knowledge and understanding get taken away, I get anxious.

God used this time of uncertainty to speak to my heart. He reminded me that I don’t always have to have all the information. It might give me peace to be able to see what’s ahead, but that peace can sometimes be misleading.

In the quiet, unsure moments of my commute, God encouraged me to trust in his care.  He will reveal to me all that I need to know when I need to know it. When I consistently seek his guidance, it allows me to confidently move forward one step at a time, or in this case, one mile at a time.

Driving slowly and carefully, I safely made it to work. While I will always prefer clarity to the unknown, I was thankful for the reminder to trust in God to see what I cannot.

When the road ahead is unclear, I can rest assured that no matter what lies ahead, he will remain my strength and my guide when I arrive.

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