Is living off of hope enough?

By Kristy Solis

My daughter is always saying “I hope this …” or “I hope that …” So, I asked her one day, “Is living off of hope enough?” 

I did not expect her to answer but she did. She said, “It is my prayer.” 

Hope is alive, and she already embodies it.  To be hopeful is to embrace the Lord.  

One of my favorite Psalms reminds us, “But I will keep hope alive, and my praise to You will grow exponentially. I will bear witness to Your merciful acts; throughout the day I will speak of all the ways You deliver, although, I admit, I do not know the entirety of either. I will come with stories of Your great acts, my Lord, the Eternal. I will remind them of Your justice, only Yours.”

We all experience trials, whether young or old. We all suffer or have felt discouraged. Yet, the Lord does not allow us to bear our burdens alone. We all can find solace and renewed strength, if we choose to hold on to hope. Lean into the Lord and seek the Lord’s presence in others for support. Nevertheless, do the same for others who seek hope. 

Sometimes, hope can be restored in something as simple as a prayer.

Next time when you are hoping, remember hope is a prayer, and prayer is transformative. Lord, hear our prayers. Our world needs Hope and Your mercy at this time. To be hopeful is to embrace YOU.

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