Healing of the Family Tree

By Lisa Janusa

God is a god of the living and not of the dead. When we pass through this life to our eternity, will we meet many of our ancestors?

If we trace the history of our ancestors, we may discover some traits that have been passed down to us. These may include some physical traits such as height, color of hair, eyes and skin. What about temperament, intelligence, character and even our spirituality?

If this is possible, then is it possible too that we can inherit some tendencies that might influence us in our present lives? For example, if your ancestors had practiced the occult, led an unchaste life, abused family members or had an abortion, could this leave you with a wound or weakness?

God is the healer of all, and he can break the patterns of unholiness. He can heal the wounds in your generational family tree.

You can ask God to reveal to you what may be the unrepented sins of your deceased family members and then you can pray for God’s mercy upon them.

God lives outside of time, which means that our prayers for our ancestors can repair the brokenness so that it will stop with us. Picture God’s healing grace pulsing through all the branches of your family tree from the roots to the top leaves.

Pray for all the members of your family tree. Be a blessing to them and, then, they can be a blessing to you!


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  1. Lisa,
    This is so profound! I have never thought of praying in this way for my ancestors! Thank you for this article.
    Stacy LaMorte

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