Being the Best Version of Yourself

By Ty Salvant

Society often associates self-care with indulgence. Unfortunately, this commercialization of self-care has made us lose sight of reality. It has given us two false impressions: that mothers who care for themselves are selfish and that self-care is a luxury.

Recently, I gave a presentation on how we can incorporate self-care into our busy lives. Here are a few tips I shared.

•  Add yourself to your calendar and budget.

•  Let go of unrealistic expectations of motherhood.

•  If you struggle with the concept of self-care, change your focus.

A few years ago, I realized that I was too busy to connect with my friends. So, I set up three friend dates monthly: coffee, dinner or even walking. The activity didn’t matter; nurturing relationships did.

In the same way, I added my friends to my schedule; I started going to adoration. My weekly dates with the Lord are another form of self-care. When I added myself to the budget, I stopped feeling guilty about buying things for myself. I didn’t feel guilty about buying necessities or treats for my kids, so I had to love myself the same way. Adding myself to the budget allows me to spend guilt-free.

As a new mom, I had many unrealistic expectations of motherhood and thoughts on what makes a good mom. I have released many of those over the years. Regardless of what society thinks, using a babysitter asking for help, or missing a game does not reflect how good of a mom I am.

Remember, our children observe our behavior and learn from us. We must care for ourselves to avoid raising boys with unrealistic expectations of their future partners and girls who may not want to become mothers because of what they have seen.

As a mom, you are a valued member of your family who deserves love and respect. It’s not because of how much you sacrifice for them, but because you are made in God’s image and likeness. Taking better care of yourself will help you become the best version of yourself.

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