When Things Aren’t Going Our Way

By Kim Roberts

There are many times in our lives when it is especially hard to remember that God is in control. While feeling overwhelmed by events is inevitable, it’s how we choose to react that makes the difference. Remembering that God will take care of us is the true testament of our faith.

I was reminded by a friend recently that although things in my life may not be as I thought they would be at this moment, I need to really focus on surrendering everything to Jesus – he is in control of everything. That is hard for me, especially in the difficult times, for I am the type of person that wants to fix my problems right away. I had to realize that it was important to take a breath and surrender.

I have immersed myself in daily prayer and relied on the novenas that speak to me. I keep reminding myself that I can trust in God (and a small circle of friends and family); he’s got this, and I need to keep my eye on the prize. It is so easy to get weighed down by the world and negative thinking, that’s why it is important to pray and put everything in God’s hands.

I’ve discovered that working on yourself to keep negative thoughts at bay is extremely important to the healing process. Even though it is hard to admit, I have been reminded of the Serenity Prayer a lot lately and have come to terms with, “accepting the things I cannot change” – again, something that’s not easy for me.

My children have also reminded me of something that I have told them many times when they’ve been met by disappointment – when one door closes, God opens another for us. Thank goodness my faith has taught me and my children that if a door closes, God will provide another for us.

I just need to surrender and be open to the new plan.

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