Inviting Peace into the Busyness of My Day

By Gina Sternfels

I have been drawn to this prayer, “Jesus, you must increase, and I must decrease, ” when I have heard friends pray this.  I have been working on praying this short prayer more, because it allows me to slow down and reflect.

It leads me to the simplicity of how I can do better if I focus on who matters. If I can practice calling Jesus to my mind and heart in the day-to-day moments, I can choose to focus on him and have him increase in me. I can work on decreasing my negative thoughts, worries or concerns that I often hyperfocus on and shift them back to him, who can lessen that if I invite him into it.

I used to call myself a “busy momma,” which pulled me more into busyness. Yes, I have things to do for my family, but my focus was on that busyness rather than what I chose to do out of love for my family. I was not inviting Jesus to join me, much less calling him closer to bring me his peace, not the world’s busyness. I labeled myself that way and checked off my list.

I did not understand then what I am learning now. I desire peace of the Holy Trinity. I can practice reminding myself of that while I am taking care of the gifts and loved ones God gave me.

YES, I have things to do. Still, I can do them as a prayer when I invite any one person of the Holy Trinity into my vocation as wife and mother, “Holy Spirit, you must increase, I must decrease.”

Embracing the invitation of my vocation is recognizing that it is a calling from God. He is calling me to BE the best wife and mother I can be to my family. I do it so much better when my God is fully present in my heart and mind!

When I am open to receiving his love, compassion and peace, I am much better at sharing those gifts with those around me.

John 3:30, “He must increase, I must decrease.”

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