Don’t fret about asking for help

By Jenny Dendinger


“I really need help, but please don’t judge me when you see this mess.”

Her message wasn’t unusual. Neither was her situation. My friend was a busy mom trying her best to keep up with life. Eventually, she reached a point where she was so overwhelmed that she swallowed her pride and accepted my offer to help.

On the way to her house, I prayed. I offered God the time I had and asked him to bless it and maximize my efforts.

I could feel her nervousness as soon as she opened the door. I walked inside and saw that her countertops and table were cluttered, the floors needed cleaning, the kitchen sink had a pile of dirty dishes, and the laundry was overflowing.

She kept apologizing for the mess, clearly ashamed of the state of things, but I was unfazed. I didn’t know the details of what led her to this current state of overwhelm, but I knew she was not alone. Every mother I’ve ever met could empathize.

Before we began, I spoke that truth and reassured her that I was going to do my best to help her find peace again.

On the outside, many of us appear to have it all together. Much like our houses, as long as we keep our walls in place, we can pretend like everything is fine. But, on the inside, many of us are overwhelmed and hurting. It’s easy to let fear prevent us from reaching out.

My friend gave me a big hug when I left her house that day. She was so thankful for the progress we made together. The work we did wasn’t incredibly difficult, but she said my support felt life changing.

Shame is the devil’s playground. He loves to convince us that we are the only ones struggling. When those difficult parts of our lives are hidden in the dark, it gives him the power he needs to keep us trapped.

The truth is, we all need support. Asking for help can be difficult, but it often makes all the difference.


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